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Fear of Hospitals, Paramedics and ambulances

I was just wondering how many people on Auk actually have had bad experiences of the above in the past that have now left them fearful of seeking help?

It maybe one of the reason why there are lots of deaths from asthma. Just me thinking randomly out of the box again.

I know i am not alone in the above fears but i was wondering how many actually have the fear.

In the past i have been accused of wasting time when i could not breathe, or when no wheeze or could have just asked a gp to send me to medical assesment unit despite being struggling to breathe.

How many others are fearful of hospitals, paramedics or ambulances?


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Yes, definately. :(

I feel I have to be - and importantly look - at death's door before getting help. That of course is totally against my plan where I'm supposed to seek help early because I can deteriorate so quickly.

I'm very thankful that I've got an excellent health centre and they understand when I turn up there and will contact hosp/write letter/brief paramedics so I'm generally treated okay. I get worried if I'm bad over the weekend and don't have the GP option.

It really shouldn't be this way. We're told how important it is to get help early, then get treated like a fraud if we do or told to go to GP... Some education needed from AUK perhaps?


The bad experiences did put me off and make me fearful of calling the LAS, and going to some hospitals but I learnt I want to live so ignore people who talk rubbish now. Why? because when they manage to kill you they do not put up their hands.

My Consultant said,'Gill let us determine if your well enough to go home. Do not delay and hurt yourself cos asthma kills'.



I think Im lucky never met a paramedic I dont like in GWAS (WMAS paramedics are another matter but thats due to personal reseaons!) yes they sometimes take their time, but when you live in coruntry you do learn that has to happen but it could be due to they know me before my asthma and know me proffessionally.

Hospitals are another matter, I wont go in unless Im struggling as I am worried they will just give me nebs and steriods or say well there is no wheeze sp go home! Also made to feel guility at times for being there


As i live about 15 mins away from hospital i go hospital in a taxi as always scared they wont think i need help when pf hasnt droped alot .


When I first started reading this forum it was the biggest shock ever to hear of your bad experiences when you know what works for you in a severe attack.

I have a fear of GP's relating to my 'non-classic' asthma, and have done for the last 20 years because they always doubt my diagnosis and never know what to do with me. (Once my diagnosis was confirmed by 2 different consultants,I became very assertive and asked for pred and as mentioned before they are usually relieved to give it to me and get me out of there!) But for you guys in such a stressful situation, to be sent away is beyond me! I get angry on your behalf!



So glad that u put this up plummy..! As u no I have been havin bad experiance with hospitals

And paramedics..! I got rushed in to hospital today, due to me reluctant to come in

My doctors said I had no choice coz if didn't I'd die, so had no choice..!!! I get so

Anxious as I no my asthma is bad bt makes me more anxious abt comin into hospital,

Which makes my asthma worse..! I just hope am nt in for long, my mum and dad live in spain

And I just wish had my mum here rite now am an emotional reck..! Xxx so glad av gt

Everyones support here:)

Thank u guys..! I def agree we shldnt get treated like this..and I have lost my confidency

In just calllng ambulance as one of nurses in a and e r so horrible..! So prefer to get refered by

Doctor to admission ward bt then doctor and nurse said I shldnt leave it as if I had left it

Any longer I'd. Either of died or landed in icu or hdu..! Bt its hard when somone has

Madew u feel so low.. And like ure just putin it on when ure not...!



I have never had any experience of hospitals or paramedics dealing with my asthma fortunately, but after reading other peoples experiences on here, I am really worried should I ever need to. As I've never had an asthma attack needing medical attention, should I ever need to, I'd probably panic over nothing and ring 999 when I didn't need to but then worry I'd get told off or told there was nothing wrong with me (And I don't wheeze!)!!

On another note - I once called an ambulance for my Dad who'd collapsed after going running (he'd previously had a heart attack) so thought it was a good thing to do when he rang me and could only manage ""HELP"" down the phone, yet when the paramedics got there, I was made to feel like I was wasting their time! They didn't say as much, but it was their manner. Ok, yeah he was just dehydrated, but I didn't know that!!

As for GP and asthma nurses, mine are rubbish!!


i hate hospitals and ive just written this on another post but - its not normally me that rings and if i have to ive normally left it too late for it to just be a quick visit. ive had a number of problems with dodgy staff (in the ambulance, at a n e and at hospital) who have made me feel like a fraud, just to be told iv had a serious infection and bad attacks and have to stay in! its a shame asthma is still seen by so many people as being like a little bit of hayfever when it kills and i do think this is whats puts people off making what they feel is a fuss x


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