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asthma review

well i had my first asthma review this afternoon at new doctors and was not good as expected, had the flu jab which now really hurts but expected that. i was told my method was a bit incorrect but just told to keep on seretide and come back in a month which was not happy about as really struggling with breathing and having chest as did ask about any other meds that could help and nothing was done, and did not get the refferal to specalist like i ask as told doctor would have to do that but cant see one untill next month due to lack of money. i got the right spacer this time but could not get it from the chemtist as nurse could not sign it and was told to go to receptiontist and get a doctor to sign but was told to come back to later to collect which could not do as already been there twice today and have no money to keep travelling, dont see why she could not just get a doctor to sign it then as they would all not be busy at 4pm, not good enough if someone need thier meds that day

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