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A question for the Doctors??

Im a little worried as i have been called in to have a cardiac ultrasound in a couple of weeks. I know i suffer from tacycardia (sp?) due to the nebs but i have a friend who used to work in cardio and she told me that they dont call you in for an ultrasound unless they think there is a problem. Is this true? And am i right to be worried? I do get chest pain but i just assumed that it is because of the constant coughing. Its just that as some of you will know, i have just started uni doing ODP (operating department practice) and am wondering if i will be allowed in theatre if i have a heart problem. Im due to start my placement on 29th and should i let my uni tutors know about the scan??

Any advice would be good as im a bit worried now.



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General advice: keep your uni tutors informed, they are best placed to advise you regarding your course, and they are usually very understanding and accommodating of health problems.

There is a lot of ""screening"" scanning which goes on to double-check everything is alright if there is some kind of ongoing symptomatology - in your case tachycardia - and no, just cos you've been called for a scan doesn't mean you've definitely got a problem.

Good luck with it all.



hi kymii,

Try not to alarm yourself.

I've had a cardiac ultrasound scan as part of my difficult asthma protocol at RBH. I do have a slightly larger than normal heart on xray but my echo was normal.

Many tests are ordered to 'rule things out'! Doctors do that a lot! You would not only be called to echo unless there was a problem.

Also regarding being in operating theatres, it is unlikely that you would not be allowed in there if something was picked up unless it was likely to endanger your safety or the patient's. I assume you've had an ECG (tracing of your heart) already.

I'd let your tutors know if the scan interferes with your placement or involves you missing some but apart from that i wouldn't worry until you have the results. However, it's always good to keep people informed they are usually very understanding.

Hope that all makes sense.



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Hi Kymiii,

Just to echo what the others have said (sorry, no pun intended!) - it's a very commonly done test and a lot of people with breathing problems which are not responding 100% to treatment and are being more fully investigated will end up with an echo at some point. It doesn't mean that you have a heart problem, and in a lot of cases it will come back normal. I wouldn't start panicking or jump to conclusions yet, although I can appreciate that it can be difficult not to!

It's also a simple, quick and painless procedure so there really is nothing to worry about on a practical level either.

Hope this helps

Em H


EmilyH. For that pun, go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200!!




Coat. Got.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I have had a word with my cons and she said i must have it done and she will arrange for me to have it at our hosp asap and not in leeds so she can get the results herself as she has signed me off leeds.

Ive not told my tutors yet but i will because it will inevitably be in uni or placement time.

Im still a bit worrid but have been told that it is standard procedure with brittle asthma.

Thanks so much though.

Hugs to all.


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