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annoying cough

hi everyone

Ever since I had a bad chest infection at the end of march, I have been suffering with a reccurant chesty cough, I will have it for about a week then be fine the next week only for it to return the week after that. The cough only produces a small amount of yellow phleghm, and is worse in the morning and early evening. I saw my asthma nurse today who thinks it is either


sinus problems or reflux

I have also been experiencing some cold like symptoms which also come and go inlcuding, runny nose, and sinus pain.

just wondering if anyone else gets any of these symptoms who has hayfever or sinus problems, also is it possible to have reflux without realising you have it?


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Yellow phlegm plus the sinus pain doesn't sound like hayfever.

Used to get annoying cough with hayfever.

Mind you I used to have an annoying cough for most things.

Since asthma diagnosis, steroid inhaler has removed the cough to the point that I completely forget I get hayfever and sometimes forget the tablets...Until I pass a newly mown lawn and I'm off again hacking away and sneezing my head off. LOL

Wishing you well, lejaya, and hope you get to the bottom of this soon,

GM x


hi grannymo

thanks for your reply, I think my asthma nurse is unsure of what is causing the cough cause my asthma cough is usually very dry and irritating, whereas this new cough is chesty which normally means I have a virus except it comes and goes it's really wired, but she has asked me to right down my symptoms which should help

hope you are well



Hey lejaya

Have you had a sputum sample taken to check your not growing anything other than that some chest infections can take a while to get over.

I never used to be chesty then I started growing heamophilus influenzae and have been chesty ever since.

Hope you feel better soon.



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