Hey. i was wondering if anyone esle has eva suffered from bad sleep. it sarting to really anoye me now not been able to sleep the whole way through the night. I can sleep once every now and again throught the night with out waking up but the rest of time i am waking 3 times a night and i just dnt know waht to do any more any surjestions would be great other wise am going back to docs about it again :(

cheers Annabel

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  • hi i am the same. I saw my asthma nurse and she has given me a seretide preventer as its a long lasting one to try and help me sleep

  • Sleep

    Ive been having the same pronlem :( I feel tired but everytime i nearlly go to sleep i wake up!! it really really really frustrates me! People say its hormones but im not to sure. i always feel like i need my inhaler but i dont. however i still take it because i feel like i need it!!


  • HI RANGER10,

    Have you tried putting something under your bed to lift it at the head ,books etc

    it helps and works better than extra pillows as you dont get a stiff neck .

    I always take a drink up to bed ,just water and have a drink when wake in the night as always

    thirsty with inhalers.

    Music pillows are great also.

    ove glynis xxx

  • hey i have had me bed rised up for a while now n dnt seem to be helping much am on seretide 500 as well as singular but just dnt seem to be helping n it would be nice if i could a proper nights sleep as do a very active job so dnt help when i ant slept much

  • hi ranger10,

    Maybe a med review could help if book in see your asthma nurse or doctor .

    good luck and hope you get some sleep xxx

    I carnt sleep alot as as well as asthma I have Bilateral MD

    one of my symptoms is really loud high pitch tinnitus in both ears that never stops xxx

  • thanks glynis if i dnt get a bgd night sleep tonight then making appoinment tomoz. i hope u feel better soon.

    Take care Annabel

  • Hi All, And I thought that it was only me who could not sleep. I have posted a query re Nocturnal Asthma as I do not have symptons when I ""just wake up"" Anytime between 02:00 - 04:00 for no reason. What I am doing know before I see the Cons in mid May is to take my peak flow when I wake and record the difference between the day. Some days it can be as much as 100 between the best and the worse, with the worse at silly o'clock. I have pointed this out to my GP who has advised me to present it the Cons when I have the appt.

  • Can't remember what sleep is, I think that I have managed about 3 or 4 decent nights sleep this year. To be honest I usually feel worse following a good night sleep.

    If it isn't the asthma keeping me awake the meds do, can't win, fed up of always feeling knackered, I am hoping to return to work in the coming weeks but if I can't start sleeping I can see more problems ahead.


  • I can't remember the last time I slept all night without waking up needing my inhaler. For me, the amount and quality of sleep is a good indicator of just how fed up my lungs are and whether I can expect a visit to hospital anytime soon!

  • I think I read this post the other day and cursed myself! I have woken every night for the last few weeks needing inhaler etc but LAST NIGHT! Does anyone else seem to drip with sweat sometimes when pred is up high and get like an almost itchy shake all over your body so you just don't know what to do with yourself. Can't do anything but toss and turn get up and walk, go to bathroom etc as can't get comfy to read or anything and then I came back and my pillow was drenched, eugh! Haven't had one of those mights in ages. Hope not the same tonight, had to get my friend to strip my bed for me today.

    Also, just wondered if I am totally whacky or do other people have dreams/nightmares about drowning, beng suffocated, strangled, in smoke filled place etc just before waking with asthma attack?

  • hi Nickynoo,Its the dreaded pred! Get same probs and carnt sleep and also my bad ears dont help.Use my music pillow but doesnt help get me to 65 of pred 20 more days to go ggrr !

  • It is definitely the pred Glynis, mine only seems to be when I go over 30mg though. When I was on 10-15mg maintenance I was fine and when I wean past 30 I am fine but currently on 60 and was going to wean by 5 tomorrow but went out shopping today. We have a lovely shopping centre in Portsmouth harbour, really clean, air con etc really nice getting the ferry over there. But I got stuck behind a man who lit a cigar in an undercover shopping centre! Didn't help much that my friend got so irrate that she made me laugh ranting at the poor security man! So not sure whether I should begin or not as very rattly, etc and sore again. Bad Cigar Man and sorry Mr Security Man for my friend's great annoyance!!!

  • Never slept a wink all night again ggrr !!!!

    so glad im still on hols till next Tuesday xxx

  • Oh no! Not good Glynis.

    I did manage to sleep with my fan on full and just a sheet and music playing all night. Did wake four or five times but woke up this morning feeling much more rested than yesterday, just hope my Dad is in a good mood when he gets the utilities bill!!!

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