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Hey. i was wondering if anyone esle has eva suffered from bad sleep. it sarting to really anoye me now not been able to sleep the whole way through the night. I can sleep once every now and again throught the night with out waking up but the rest of time i am waking 3 times a night and i just dnt know waht to do any more any surjestions would be great other wise am going back to docs about it again :(

cheers Annabel

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yep i suffer from dodgy sleep paterns. i used to sleep really well-prob too much actually anytime and anywhere but over the last erm well year maybe not sure, ive had disturbed sleep and feel like im constantly trying to catch up on lost sleep. i wake often, either by coughing or having to move around cos im so sore. since being given this hospital bed last week i have slept a bit better but i am still coughing etc. have you tried all of the usual- warm bath, warm drink (not dairy as it could cause more mucus and make you cough), wind down, writing down anything on your mind that you need to do or are worried about before bed etc? you could always try the herbal remedies if you not allergic to them but if its to do with your asthma i would suggest that a visit to the gp will be needed as coughing at night is very suggestive of your asthma not being under control x


actually just re read your message and see you are female. i know its personal but it could also be your age as hormones can play a big part in sleep - re menopause etc. also when i was in hospital they seemed to be a very large number of people with asthma type problems who were awake at night on the wards so maybe the weather is playing havoc with us all at the minute x


hey i dnt think it is to do wiv me hormones. was under a uless conslution a while back who put me on singular at 1st it was making me really hyper when eva i went to bad n they said just carry on taking n things started to setle down again n was getting proper gd night sleeps then they discharged me. then this january every thing has gone down hill really after aving a bad chest infection n it just started all from there again i think plus i dnt think weather helping eva. got an appoinment to see me dr next tuesday so hopefully i can get things shorted out as started coughing bad again most of day n strugling with sport again


HAHA sleep what is that?! I have upped my steriods and am consequently wide awake i have now seen every hour and am very bored! I know i will be tired all of the day time as well. It is so annoying! The whole world is sleeping yet i am wide awake. I do not know what to do with myself. i have listened to an audio book, i have coloured, i have played spider solitare and now i am replying to people on here.

Sleep is a luxury only for times when asthma is controlled! I always know when my asthma going because i do not sleep! Mega annoying especially when i am away on holiday so i am not in my own home so i cannot get on with jobs i have to lie in bed and be quiet. I always take my laptop with me now because otherwise i would go mental! At least typing is quiet! Breathing and sleep do not mix really!


Not slept a wink again grr!!!

Asthma and ears kept me awake again ggrr!!!!

think im going have to come back as a cat in my next life and sleep all day and

play all night !!!.

Had my music on and even came on here and FB Until my phone died on me and

then just stared at the 4 walls .

love glynis xxx Need invest in a heavy rolling pin me thinks !


I have not had much sleep for the last few nights and like others have already mentioned I have also been on here, listening to music anything to try and help me get some sleep but alas no joy hayfever and asthma won in the end. Grrrr


I'm not sleeping either : ( The heat & asthma are keeping me awake & now a warehouse near my house has its burglar alarm going off! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.



Hiya all,

yes I think we're all in the same boat:-/

I used to get really angry when I couldn't sleep which made it all worse.

Now I get up, snuggle up on the sofa and read. Pc games or tv make me hyper as too much brain stimulation but reading is ok.

I managed 4hrs sleep last night as some said, hayfever bad and that sets asthma off... not a good combination but nothing I can do about.

Hope you're all getting a good nights sleep tonight.

Love Lydia x


When my asthma is well controlled and before pf's pick up a deterioration in my asthma i find i wake at around 3am but i've not slept well 3-4 hrs for months but good weather is helping again.

You being female may as another reply suggested hormones play a part in how your asthma is, you may find it helpful to double up the preventer meds the week before your period and stay like that for the week, this has been shown to help but obviously have words with your asthma nurse or doctor


hi peeps,

Still not slept a wink and tried all the stops and going change my meds about if

dont sleep soon and take my high dose slophyllin in the morning and lower dose at night.

Or going be a rolling pin.!!!!

Hope you have slept from a sleepy glynis xxxx


sorry if i seem to be boasting or something like that, but i am actually sleeping quite well at the mo... anyway, just wanted to send lots of good sleepy thoughts to all you who are not so lucky, and hope things improve real fast.


quick update from me. i went to docs yesterday and they wnt me to do my peak flow recordings for 2 weeks n record how much i take blue inhaler and how many times i wake up each night before they add on any more meds to what i ave all ready. so to more weeks of not much sleep before anything changes :(


sorry to hear that, ranger. although i think its good that theyre being careful. the problem is that many of the meds that you could be given to help you sleep will also depress the respiratory system, so its very tricky for an of luck for the whole sleep thing anyway....


hey hannah

cheers for message i hope it get sorted soon ass well



I am sorry that you are having difficulty sleeping, it is really frustrating when you can not sleep isn't it.


I hope you manage to get some sleep soon


i cant sleep either, am tired but mind is in a real whirl!


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