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why is asthma so hard to handly


Im sure most people here find they asthma diffcult to handly when its bad.But i find it almost in possable.Just sitting here typeing want to make me cry.(this is not like me).I cant run my home,it looks like bomb sit.It took me all morring just to load and unload the dishwasher.My husband says it dos not matter,but it dos to me.

I hate having asthma and i want my life back.

Sorry to have gone on ,but i dont feel i can talk to any one about how asthma make me feel.


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Hi Denise. Sorry to hear you feel so rough. No one who hasnt had asthma can really understand how awful it is. Fortunately you have a sympathetic husband (like me) - glad to hear it. I struggle with housework too - I get very tired and most days I could lie down and just sleep for a few hours. So I do understand how you feel.

Have you had a chat with your doctor about how you feel?

Feel free to PM me.


Hi Denise, your not alone. I've had problems since March. I've managed to get back to work part time but still really tired and the house looks like we've been robbed. I have not got the energy to sort it. I have good days and bad, don't think the meds help lighten the moods.You can talk to us as we do know how you feel.

Take care

Kate x


Hi denise

You are not alone. I have been to see a nurse at my Gp practice just this very afternoon to discuss how my asthma is driving me up the wall. Feel free to pm whenver or just to chat on this thread. We are mostly here on the boards to support one another with handling our asthma!

Remeber nurses at Gp surgery are great to chat to, they are happy to have a chat with you when things get on top of you and they are very understanding! Saying that so are the asthma nurses on the advice line.



HI Denise.

sorry you are feeling low with asthma .

I have had asthma coming up to 2 years and still not come to

terms with it and get weepy when I want to do things I carnt.

My family are brill and can tell when I need to rest.

Just go at your pace and rest as you need and try keep relaxed.

Have a few treats when you can and plan things for better days.

lots of love Glynis xxx pm me any time


you are definetly not alone.

You have to keep positive as asthma is stress and emotionally related.

I have just seen myself drastically change after the past few flare ups. I honestly think everyone misses their old self but things can change. I had a low moment a few weeks ago and a really depressing thought crossed my mind (I was thinking 28 got chronic/manic asthma - got bad genetics in the family its asthma, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, heart problems , stroke etc etc oh wtf its just asthma for now) but it made me sort of snap out if it! I actually have only recently accepted the fact that this is asthma and not just something I can ignore because it wont go away.

hang in there things will get better - try to stay positive and remeber its only temporary. Your lungs can become stronger for you to get back to what you normally did before.



Sorry that your asthma is causing you problems.

I understand how you feel because my asthma has been causing me problems since February and I have had to have three lots of steroid tablets, and it is still not right I have had go to on the nebuliser several times so far this year.

Try to keep smiling


Hi Denise,

There's definitely something these past few months that has affected my asthma too. I've only had asthma 'apparently' since last year and i can go from being all sweetness and light in the morning to really weepy and feeling too tired to walk up the stairs. I'm learning it comes with the territory in the initial stages and that asthma nurses and this forum are just the best people ever.

Best wishes and hugs,



Hi Russell,

Thanks for the message (PM). If you go to the bit at the top of the page that says My Account then click on Edit Profile.

At the bottom of the page with all your details, are Contact Options with two tick boxes.

Looks like this - (I've clicked the Why's to show what each box means)

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PS For today, I could just copy your initial post and substitute my name. I was ok this morning but came over all weepy after lunch to the extent that husband was asking what had upset me. That there must be something? And all I could say was its mostly down to having to take blue inhalers more often these days and asthma in general. He made me a cup of tea with sugar in it.

PPS I'd run out of cups as all in the dishwasher which I can't even get around to starting. Fortunately, have a cupboard of older serviceable picture mugs (not for visitors) eg Star-trek and Mr Men and Sooty. Presently drinking my tea from Cadburys Creme-egg mug. He has Bart Simpson.




I would just like to say thank you all for being they and not thinking i was being silly.

I have had 2 good night sleep and i think this has helped me.My astham is still not great and i sure this is all part of the illness.

I have had a long talk to my husdand and he says im here and alive and thats all that matters to him.The housework police cant get me for not cleaning.(This made me smile).

I hope you all keep well and have a good weekend



post in discusion?


my name is Kirstie im 23 years old and i have been stuggerling with difficult astama which hard to controlled.

I have been in and out of hospital a few times and seen specialists for this im going to see a cough specialist in Manchester tomorrow which i should find out if its astama or not, as i have had a cough and stuggled to breath when going up the stairs etc.

I have tryed a different number of differnet inhaluers and the tablet ""Singleair"" that worked at first but as i have been on this tablet no a number of months they dont seem to be working.

What kind of treatment have you had??

Please get in touch x


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