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Can any sub-cut users help me out?

Hi all :)

I am just going through a bit of a problem with my chest. I seem to have a mild wheeze and my PF has dropped about 20% but about half an hour after i take my sub cut out (for a bath) I notice I'm really struggling. Now back in my memory somewhere I remember something about going to hospital if I get even a little wheezy.... but can't remember why? Can anyone remember if they have heard this and what the advice was?

I really don't want to end up in the hospital AGAIN!

TIA :)

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Hello WSS,

Do you just cap it off - leave the needle in or take it all out?

If you leave the needle in ( sof sets are OK in the bath!) you won't have a delay when you connect back up again . Absorbtion can take around 30 mins plus or so to kick in if you start from scratch - eg you have had 30 mins without it plus 30 mins for the absorbtion to start again with a new site.

Perhaps 30 mins is your limit without.

You could, next time you have a bath, wrap the pump in a polly bag or three, safely park it outside the bath - small stool, and keep it going - baths can be quite strenuous.

Are you still using nebs? See if it settles down with a neb as per protocol.....

Next time, leave s/c needle in - bung the end if needed.

What sort of needle sets are you using?

What sort of pump are you using? Graseby or McKinley?

I am a bit naughty cos I used to boost the s/c sometimes before detatching! (Graseby pumps) to get a bit of a bolus.... McKinleys you cant do this. So I have a bit of a bolus ..........

How are you doing now?


PS Just remembered you use Chrono Pump!

Can you stop them temporarily or not? If not, just detatch the line........... or from the site... & Leave needle in. ???


Hey Kate :)

No I take it out as my skin goes neon pink if it stays in longer than about 18 hours so it has to go for a bit of relief.

I'm on a chrono with quick sets. Prob is they are trying to reduce my pred and I think that has been the problem.

I'm still feeling a bit rubbish but will persevere and see how I get on tomorrow. I know I will have to text my resp nurse if it doesnt go away but I hate annoying her!

Thanks for the info :)


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