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Snowy - Update Wed - (updated 2:45pm)

Hi all

Sorry ive not been around, Monday was a lot to cope with, wont go into detail but it got REAL bad and I was the most scared I have ever been.

Anyway, she is now back stable, albeit on full support, they wont do anything now till this eve at the very earliest as her body needs time to rest and heal after mon, and her sats still need to improve a bit before any other attempts.

I took myself off to the hills in the peak district yest, needed to get away and clear my head , didnt reaslise that would only cause panic amongst others - Oops!

Note to self: when contemplating escaping where no-one can find you or reach you so you can be alone, text first before you loose the mobile signal, it will save a lot of explaining to worried ppl afterwards! lol

Cant really sleep, my heads too full and im exhausted, but trying to rest as much as I can.

Take care all


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Alex, Taking to the hills when things are too much is good. You can mutter under your breath or rage at the whole unfairness of it all. They listen.

Next time though, send a wee text. Must have been having kittens back home.

Wish lived closer, could give wrap around hug to you all.

All our love,

Moira x


glad our dearest snowy is stable now :)

fingers crossed they will try again soon once stubborn madam has shown us she is ready again ;) lol

peak district, ahhh... lovely walks :) hope it helped clear your head lil bit away from it all. dun worry bout worrying TEAM NAG a lil bit TOO MUCH hehe as long as ur okay and the walks did u good, thats all that matters ;)

much love and hugs hun x x x


Alex, we are all still thinking of you. You need to take the time for yourself and for Lewis to keep your strength up to keep going at such a difficult time.


Hi Alex, sorry to see Snowy had a bad day on Monday and understand why you need time out, it's been a long drawn out exacerbation. All the best for later today, keeping my fingers crossed. Big hugs to you and your family. Take care.x


Hi Alex. So sorry things were bad on Monday and really understand how you needed to get away to clear your head - you have to do what you have to do and it really is OK! I won't nag about looking after yourself and eating and all that stuff, cos I think you know it by now.

Just thinking of you all with love. Keep positive.



Update - 2:45pm

Just to say that I cant seem them doing anything today or attemting the reduction again anytime soon as twice her sats have dropped in the past couple of hours, so another waiting game!




Hope it wont be long to try it again in tiny steps xxx

Sending lots of love and hugs to you all xxxxx


Glad u got some fresh air, patience is hard especially as you just want Snowy to just stay stable. Small step it is then. Take care hon.



Alex, sorry not to hear good news and waiting must be so so hard but she WILL get there! Sats have been in the 90s and will get there again, just really hard (I can only imagine) with the up and down, but you knew it would be up and down.

Hope getting away helped you a bit. xx


Hi Alex,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get out into the hills to clear your head on Monday (I love the Peak District - you're so lucky to be able to get to the countryside). Next time let the nag-brigade know beforehand, as you say!

Sorry to hear that Snowy is making you play the waiting game again, but I'm glad that the doctors are letting her call the shots, and that they're being careful not to force the reduction before her body is ready to handle it.

Sending much love to you and Lewis,



Hope Snowy gets a quiet night and you can get some sleep.

Much love to you all. Keep positive.


Just to say snowy will get there when she's ready we all just have to let her get there in her time and she will I have every faith in snowy Alex and Lewis I think of you both everyday and know you will be ok take care and love and hugs to use be strong for each other and if you need to get away for the day just let us know so we don't worry about you I'm always here if you need to let off steam and thanku for always keeping us updated Kerry-Anne xxx


Just to say I'm thinking of you all loads.

Sending all the love and prayers in the world for you all.

Hope you all ok. X


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