Snowy - Info - (updated at 3:30pm)


Just to let you know that last night she went off again and the crash team were called, they managed to stabalise her again after an hour or so, just not sure how much more any of us can take of this, or how much fight she has left in her before it gives out for good.

I sat here with her all night, holding her hand, just dare not leave her side incase I lost her


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  • Thinking of you both Alex.....praying hard.

  • more prayers and good thoughts alex.

    g x

  • Sending positive thoughts to you both. Don't forget to look after yourself too - eat something, however little.

  • Update

    Just been told that the episode last night was more than likely caused by a new drug that they had just given her, phew!


  • Hi Alex

    Sorry to see Snowy had a reaction to a new drug, you must be physically and emotionally exhausted, you poor soul!. Hope she has a stable day today and you manage to get some rest, what a loving and truely devoted husband you are, Snowy is very lucky to have you and has so much to fight for.Thinking and praying for your family today as always. x

  • Alex, As you hold her hand, all on here are holding you in our hearts. xx

  • Thinking of you and the family. xx

  • All ok...

    Well just to let you know its 100% confirmed that it was the drug that did it yehhhh and not her body giving out again :-)

    so the plan that was devised yest stays the same.

    cant say the same for my body tho lol, after being nagged and nagged by certain members (you know who you are !!!!!!!!!) i went to get some food as I had not slept or eaten really properly since sunday, I then went and fell over in the hosp canteen and smacked my head on the counter, Duhh so had to wait in a&e to see if I needed stitches, thankfully not!, a good clean up & bit of sticky stuff did the trick!

    Anyway Im back home now, eaten a sarnie, nursing a bad head and going to go to bed to sleep now!

    Night all


  • Glad you've finally eaten something....and what can I say? Other than....we told you that would happen! Lol..........sleep well Alex. Hope the head is better when you wake - and do me a favour? Eat a proper dinner!! A sandwich is not enough to hold body and soul together.

    Take care


  • Dear me! Glad to hear that Snowy's doing ok, and that the plan is the same. You, on the other hand... If you're not careful with yourself, Snowy's going to wake up to a hubby that needs full time care from her to get back to normal strength!

  • Its daft dug's that bite themselves. Could you arrange for someone to at least bring in a Big Mac and fries. You need something more than a hospital sarnie. Glad you're ok. When Snowy wakes up, she will laugh, you know. Probably laughing to herself at the moment. :)

    Moira xox

  • So glad this time to come in a bit late and see it was just the drug. Crossed fingers the plan goes well - and agree with everyone else, look after yourself and have a proper dinner! xxx

  • You've been through so much Alex, just wanted you to know that we are all still thinking of you and willing everything to turn out well.

  • So relieved to hear that last night was due to a bad reaction to a drug. I'm sure everyone at home has given you a hard time for not looking after yourself so I won't join in :) except to say I hope you'll feel better when you've had a sleep and some proper food.

    Fingers crossed that Snowy gets a restful night and continues to be stable.

    Sleep well.

  • Thanks for updating us, glad problem was drug and nothing else. Can only echo what others have already said - keep looking after yourself as well as Snowy, thoughts and prayers with you both and Lewis, as always. xx

  • Thinking of you all and lots of love.Alex OUCH! X

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