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an update on Snowy from her husband


I hope I am putting this is the right bit? but this is all new to me!

Snowy has been in hopsital for the last week or so and spent most of it in ITU but did manage a couple of days on HDU, in that time she has been a great support (I am sure) as well as getting great support from Snowygirl, who are in the same boat I believe, and been keeping each other company.

Anyway, just to say that last night, after 2 attempts at BIPAP which did not have the desired result they ended up having to intubate her, for me this is the most scarey but as I cant ask her how she feels, at times I would rather she say she feels terrible or not be able to talk at all but look at me than seeing her lying there helpless like that, but the docs have tried to reassure me that like before this is the rest that her body and lungs desperatly need.

Hope it was ok to put this message on here, as I know she would of wanted to be in touch with people if she could of.

Many thanks


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O poor Snowy. And huge hug to you too. Sounds like she's very lucky ro have such a supportive husband.

Sensing her loads of love.

Emily x


So sorry to hear this Alex, but thanks for the update. Been wondering how Snowy is. Best wishes to her and the family.


Thank you for up date.Wishing snowy a quick recovery of being tubed.Love and hugs to you all xxx


I hope Snowy and Snowygirl are feeling better soon. It's been quiet around here. :)


Hope she gets a bit better soon, thanks for updating us...look after yourself too.


Really sorry to hear this, hope she is on the road to recovery soon.


Sorry to hear that but thanks for the update.

Hope both Snowy and Snowygirl feel better soon, imagine it's a pretty scary thing to have to watch someone else going through as well as for the person experiencing it.


Hugs to Snowy please!

& Thanks for the update ..... Alex, you take care too!




Thanks for the update. Please do make sure you get time to rest too and have something to eat - even if its just beans and toast. Difficult when you feel you should be up at the hospital all the time, I know. Best wishes to you all.

Take care,




hi there ive been texting your wife what a time shes having shes a fighter, im aileen i lost my 11yr old daughter kiera to asthma last year, michelle has been a great support to me and given me good advice. my heart goes out to her and you its an awful ilness and theres a lot of ignorance about it which iis very frustrating. i hope she will get well and home soon xxx


Thanks for the update, sending get well wishes to both Snowy and Snowygirl.

Alex, try to take care of yourself (easier said than done I know whilst this is going on)

Dawn xx



Thanks everyone for the kind message, its touched me no end!

Just got back from the hospital after picking our son up from air cadets as I thought it important for him to try and get a bit of normality back in his life at least!

Nothing has really changed, reviewed by ITU cons and they wont take her off the vent until her sats improve, so no idea when that will be yet.

Anyway, im off to get some sleep, hope you all are ok and thanks again, the support has been amazing.



Thanks for the update Alex, hope you're all doing ok.


Thanks for the news. I hope both Snowy and Snowygirl are improving and will soon be up and about. Take care of yourself too - it's very easy to miss meals when you're worrying about someone else.


Thank you so much for the update my prayers and love are with you both. It must be hard for you to see her intubated but her lungs will get all the help they need. You take care too ok



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