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One step forward .... Two back!

Well after one session of the cardiac rehab its not been put on hold, been suffering a lot last couple of days with sob etc and in terrible pain when breathing, seen GP again today and she says I now have Pleurisy, so have to rest up for a bit.

Cant take normal anti-inflamatorys so upped the pred again to 60mg, just got it down from 80 to 40 since the summer and now back up again, deep joy!!

If it gets any worse or the nebs are not lasting 2hrs at home I have to go in over weekend, so trying desperatly to avoid that!

Hope everyone else is ok?

Snowy xx

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I hope and pray the nebs work and your weekend is spent at home. Get the rest your body needs and keep stepping forward later. Love to Alex and Lewis. School out so let the boys help you rest, If you can.



Thanks Gill

Ales is working away most of next week but I have Lewis who said he will be my slave for the week!, Dont know what I would do without him now he is big and strong bless him!

Hope you are keeping well?

Snowy xx


Now its prob 3 back as snowy had to go in at 2am this morning, hoope she gets out soon!



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