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Snowy & snowygirl update lol

Hi everyone, Alex here...

Just thought I would pop in and say hello (feel like I belong here now), and update you on the latest with the snowys…

Andrea (Snowy) finally made it to HDU yesterday, a couple of days after what was planned after some minor setbacks but we got there in the end, she’s been settled now for nearly 24 hours and doing as ok as she can be, nebs down to 3 hourly and all ivs removed, so that’s good. Not sure how long before she’s moved to general ward and then home, but she must be feeling better as she’s now desperate to escape!! told the ward to keep the doors and windows locked at night!

Snowygirl said hi to everyone, she’s hoping to be home early next week, and is doing ok, personally I think they are trying to outdo each other on the longest stay award!!.

Hope everyone is ok


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Hi Alex,

Great to hear that Snowy is doing well! Every time I wonder how the `Snowys' are doing you've given us another great update - ever thought of being a press secretary? ;)

Sounds like hopefully our JCBs, or rather snow ploughs, won't be needed if things keep going well for both Snowy and Snowygirl - hope they both escape, or are rather released, soon (and there's no climbing through windows when nurses aren't looking...)


Glad things are going better for both of them...thanks for keeping us updated. Hugs all round!


Thank you Alex ↲Give Snowy and Snowygirl my love xxx


Brilliant news Alex, please give my love to them both.

Love Gill


Good to hear!


@Alex - What an uplifting note to end my evening on.

@Snowy - Well done lass, you've fair been through the wars. Well done too, for having a good man who kept us informed while running up to hospital and looking after your son

- even if hairstyling e


Excellent news. Hope the snowys are home safe n sound soon. Hugs to all. Chell.xx


thankyou alex for keeping everyone updated for me while i was in costa :)

much appreciated

i will continue to update them on snowy :)



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