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Not feeling to good today

Hi everyone,

I am feeling really fed up with my asthma right now. I have been really tight chested, short of breath and I have a cough. My finger nails and lips started to turn blue earlier but I back to normal now. I have had to use a lot of my blue inhaler today and I am still not feeling 100% right now. Nelie is walking on my chest again.

I will see how I in a bit after taking all my evening meds and get help if needed!


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Asthma seems to be acting up these days and I wonder if its the weather changes, argh......


Hang on in there! Im feeling the exact same cos Im in a stressful situation and my asthma isnt liking it at all. hope you feel better soon and get help as aoon as you feel you need it! stay safe


it seems everyone is defo feeling it at the mo its defo weather changes - pollen i think!!! grr... misbehaving lungs for everyone... hmm...

we need to ask for new ones i reckon ;)

keep safe and get help of needed please!!!

x x x


I read yesterday that sales of hayfever relief products are up by 45% ! has to be an indication that pollen/atmosphere is likely to be causing more problem right now. Sounds like you are having a rough time of it and hope your evening/night was ok.


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