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Ventolin Presciptions


I was dismayed to see the cost of prescriptions going up again and I was wondering how many ventolin inhalers people got on one prescription? Usually I only get one but sometimes I have asked for two and got two. I think I probably would benefit from using a preventative inhaler as well (as I probably use up a single ventolin inhaler every month) but the on-going cost would be hard to manage.

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Hello Gandalf,

I would ask for an asthma review at your GPs or see an asthma nurse if possible.

They will be able to advise on preventers which are quite good these days and will cut down on the ventolin use.

Regards payment, are you aware that there is a prepayment certificate that you can buy? It is around £90 for a year or you can get one for 3 months I think - there is a big thread here on it if you search! Much cheaper than paying presctription charges if you get a certain number of items a year.

Also, always have a spare ventolin inhaler around incase you run out or loose one.

Hope this helps for starters



Thats great thanks - I will certainly do that - I do think I would benefit from using a prevention inhaler (as I use my ventolin inhaler most days anyway).


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