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New to this any help would be great x

Hi all,

I am going through a pariculalry rubbish time in my life my husband and I have separated and I have been really run down. I was signed off by the dr for a fortnight as I seem unable to sleep very much at the moment and just need to take some time out. As soon as I have stopped I started with a cold which I have had since Thursday and for the last few days I have had a really bad productive cough. I have just been coughing so much that I was sick. I always carry a reliever inhaler around with me as I have previously had bad asthma but thankfully not needed to use it. I was wondering if anyone has asthma that is primarily just a cough? I have been coughing so much that I get a wheeze but that tends to go away when the coughing episode ends. I am not finding that I am getting any relieve from an inhaler and when I am in the middle of coughing it gets scary as I feel like it is not going to end. I don't consider myself to have true asthma but I was last like this in September and I don't think this is normal. I was wondering if I was on preventer inhalers regularly would this mean that I would be able to cope with a cold better?

Hope this all makes sense

Thank you xxxx

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Sorry to hear your having a rough time, but the constant cough sounds bad, so you sound like you should go back to the Dr, but the bit that really worries me is that you say the reliever doesn't help, now that is something you really do need to get sorted, and quickly just to be on the safe side.

It's possible you would benefit from some form of inhaled steroid, or maybe a leukotriene modifier like singulair or accolate. Go have a word with your GP.

Unfortunately the cold weather is being a pain in the lungs and your other problems aren't helping as stress is another trigger.

Take care

Chris x


Thanks Chris,

I am going to go and see my GP tomorrow if I can dig the car out of the snow! I have been prescribed Singulair but the asthma nurse said I may want to wait to take it as it needs to be taken at night and a common side effect is nightmares which would not be good at the moment. Do you know much about this?

Thank you



Hi Kat,

Yes, it does need to be taken at night, and I've been on it for 8 months,but the American's take it as a when needed basis and even in the morning, but it's been a godsend to me as I would have the persistent cough, but the side effects are well documented, and the minority get the worst see this thread but do give it a try, the vivid dreams and the associated depression are not something that causes a major concern in this country but the in the US, they aren't happy, but as long as you are fine with it and have no problems, you're be OK.

If you have to dig yourself out in the morning, do take a few puffs of ventolin 10-20 ins before you go out, and wear a scarf over your mouth, help keep the cold air off your lungs which could be the cause of the cough, drying the airways out, and thus you cough because they are irritated.



Hi Chris,

Just read the thread thank you for the link, I think I will give it a try. I think my only concern is that when I am sleeping I am a very vivid dreamer although if it is vivid dreams versus this cough I would take the dreams right now!!

Thanks for the tip about going out will definitely wrap up.

Thank you



depends if the dreams are good or bad I suppose, but the alternative 'Accolate' may be better for you if you do have problems, doesn't have the same dreamy state problem.

Wish you pleasant dreams.


Thanks and you too



I have a nasty cough and cough my guts up and so not found a good thing to stop it for more than a few days and lungs fealy have a battering. love Glynis.

will let you know or let me know if find a good way to help x

EDIT- cough meds help but not a cure



Thanks Glynis, sorry you have bad coughing fits too. Hopefully someone will find a cure soon. I was hoping to get to the drs today but not able to with the snow, hope to tomorrow as feel like I am wearing some kind of metal jacket now weighing me down. I don't know about you but recently I am only eating light meals as there is less to puke up (sorry disgusting).

Lets hope the snow goes soon, not good for anyone with asthma! xxx


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