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I'm new! Sybricort Vs Seretide

Hey- I've just signed up and was wondering if any of you could share your knowlede with me!

I was on seretide 250 for about 2 months, feeling quite happy with it, despite ending up in hospital for a week while on it (tho im pretty certain this was due to the pnuemonia I'd managed to get), my con decided to change this med to Symbricort SMART, which i have been on for about 3/4 weeks now. I have felt less stable on it and my pf is slightly lower. I had an attack last week which ended up with a hosp addmission for 24hours, although on the plus side it was not such as bad attack as some of the others I have had.

After the attack i went to ask my GP if he thought I could go back on seretide and he said I could do what i liked (not very helpful), and my con appointment has been changed from monday, to another 2 weeks away.

Do you think it would matter if i changed back? And I am not sure about the SMART way of using symbricort as i feel i struggle to inhale it, compared to my old ventolin and spacer, when struggaling for breath, has anyone else had this prob?

Thanks for any advice in advanced!


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The turbohalers can be dificult to use and this may be your problem! You need a lot of suck! For those who can use it, SMART is good but unfortunately it is not available in MDI / Aerosol form.

I use seretide as I can't use powder inhalers.

Do you have a separate reliever inhaler such as ventolin ( Salbutamol ) or bricanyl to use when you have maxed out on the SMART?

Only you and your GP can decide if you change and as he has said to go back you could try it??



Thank you for the reply! It's really good to get other asthmatics opinions! - I managed to speak to my con on the phone and he said I should go back on my seretide 250, and then well talk about which is the best for me to be on in my appointment in two weeks, so thats good :)

I had my Ventalin inhaler for when I'd maxed out on the SMART, and my neb for emergancies although im only allowed one neb at hme, before having to go to the hosp. Whats bricanyl? I found the turboinhaler fine for in the morning and night but i think your right, i struggled with the amount of suck needed when my chest was tight.

Thanks again :) alice


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