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Here it goes again!!

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Sorry I just needed to let off some steam! Finally I got off Preds, but only for 3 and 1/2 weeks and it all kicked off again!! Took a bad attack in John Lewis's they were so lovely and kind, been to see my Consultant today, it was my check up intending going there to say yeah no steriods and now Im back on them again, feeling so low, that's me and my peak flows :) just lying here hopin I keep out of Costa!

Moan over need another neb, any suggestions of alternative meds would be great I will try anything, on Syringe Drive with Bricanyl, Symbicort, Uniphyllin, etc the usual Brittle Ashtma stuff - poor doc apologised today saying he was so sorry not much else I can try, so I thought I would ask you guys (by the way he is one of the good guys!!)

Thanks for reading and sorry to moan


3 Replies

Have you tried Singulair or Accolate?

I use S/C Ventolin in my syringe driver....

Only use nebbed ventolin.

Can you use Atrovent?

Am on permanent steroids.....

Do you fit the Xolair criteria? That works for some people...




Hi Kate

Havent tried the S/C Ventolin will mention that to my doc, everything else I have tried and they cant find any particular triggers or allergies so the Zolair is a no go!! Thanks very much for your help and advice I really appreciate it :)


Poor you, Crookie. That's a rotten position in which to be - feeling as though you've run out of options. Are you seen at one of the big centres for 'difficult asthma', e.g. Brompton, Heartlands, etc.?

One of the things that they try at the Brompton is regular scheduled admissions for IV Aminophylline. I think it varies, but I know people who are admitted every six weeks for ten days of IV Aminophylline, which they say helps a lot in keeping them stable. It's a bit of a bore to have to be admitted every few weeks or months, but if you end up in Costa fairly often anyway, or find yourself at home and really struggling a lot, it might be something that's worth discussing with your consultant.

Another thing that is sometimes tried is alternative immune-suppressant agents, instead of prednisolone.

I know it doesn't sound much, but it might be worth raising those if you haven't already discussed them with your team.

Sending best wishes, and easier-breathing vibes,



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