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feeling really rubbish; what to do?

i dont know what to do with myself, im really restless [a sign asthma gonna kick up before physical symptoms kick in], im really tight in my chest, cant breathe fully in, keep coughing, was at doctors this morning, got told i sound restricted airflow, breathings a bit louder than it normally is & resp rate around 30 (no different from normal), but no wheeze(does that make any sense?), ive got another course of pred, & im on amoxicillin 500mg but got told ive got no infection (had xrays done & blood tests in a&e wed night), inhalers dont seem to be doing much, what do u do when youre not wheezing, yet youre feeling really tight & inhalers arent doing much?


- peak flow dropped from 500 to 370 (or it had this morning), cant do it properly due to cough.

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If u need more meds u need to see a doctor. If my inhalers dont work and I am tight I will get help from medical services. Cos if i don't i get worse. So ring your gp/asthma nurse for advice.



Hello Emma,

This is not the place to be asking for urgent medical help!

We can't see how bad you are. Please see the terms and conditions of using this message board.

If you are struggling, you should be seeing your GP, phoning NHS Direct or getting yourself to hospital!



dont wanna kick a fuss up if its nothing, then again, dont want to leave it if it is something. still not eased off any. gonna ring out of hours doctors in a little bit. just wanted someone else's opinion on whether it'd be worth getting checked out. cheers for the reply.


hi Emmaox. Always go by how you feel and always get help if meds dont seem to be helping. Have you been told how to take reliever as a neb?xxx


Hope you've got some help by now but if not would reinforce what others have said. Not everyone wheezes all the time when things are bad - go on how you feel and everything taken together.


went to walk in centre, to get sent to a&e to get captured. was on nebs, saline, oxygen & got an urgent referral for asthma clinic.


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