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I take Singulair on a daily basis. However at the moment, it is just not kicking my allergies. I constantly have a runny nose, irritating cough, running eyes (usual stuff) and at night sometimes I wake up with a tight chest. I have now got a reputation for constantly having a cold. IT IS NOT A COLD PEOPLE! Anyway. I was just wondering if anybody else has the same problem and whether it is ok to take supplementary allergy tablets that you can get over the counter?

Any advice would be very welcome.

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I take anti-histamines, a nasal spray and eye-drops as well as singulair (as well as other asthma meds). Altogether these control things better than previous years - still some symptoms, but much much better controlled. I would speak to your GP/consultant about what to take alongside singulair - all of my meds are on prescription.



My runny / sniffy nose is apprently down to Rhinitus..? Could this be you?


i've had this tablets for the last 3 or 4 years and i always seem to have a dry cold that never colds, but the main aim of the tablets as it was put to me was to help keep the airways open mainly at night and to prevent attacks during the night... do u have to take them at night as well?

antihistimines are also supposed to work as it helps relax the muscles and stop them tightening as quick, but i'd personally check with ur doc first as i've suffered an attack last yr due to a product in the actual tablets.

hope u feel better soon

toria x



Poor u! I have the same problem at the moment thanks to a very large and not so helpful collection of flowery trees at the bottom of our road! I've been prescribed anti-histamines to go with the singulair now to get me through the summer without anymore ambulances turning up!

So maybe its worth going to gp and asking about trying them - I got told apparently this year the pollen is particularly bad (although I think I remember being told that last year too!). I would go and talk to your gp first - when I tried to talk to the pharmacist in the chemist they got a bit funny about me taking singulair as well.

Hopefully u get it sorted

midgie x


Thank you so much for all your great advice. Going to go to GP this week.

Thanks again.


Glad to hear that Singulair working for so many of you. This year and last I seem to have had chronic breathing in Spring and Summer thanks to tree and grass pollen (living in the middle of a Hampshire valley full of trees is definitely a no no and think it's time my son and I moved to the coast). I took Singulair for a few months a couple of years ago and then had to come off because it seemed to give me heart palpitations. I have tried it again since and the same thing happened. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I am now taking two puffs of Seretide 250 twice a day and have just finished a short course of Prednislone (30mg) after eight months of dire breathing following collapse last November when ended up in Royal Surrey County Hospital probably as a result of pneumonia (although this was never diagnosed). Hoping to see respiratory specialist in next two months to ask about other drugs which may help and to confirm allergy diagnosis. I'd love to hear whether anyone has been put on other drugs and whether these have been effective? Best of luck to everyone feeling the pollen storm this year.


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