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Well I seem to have recovered from my bad do in November - preds for the first time ever, shaking on salbutomol, everlasting chest infection and I was advised to stay on my beclazone preventer. Howver, I just couldnt, it gave me really bad headaches and the taste even with a spacer made me heave.

Since then , I have been on 2 puffs of seretide am and pm and have felt better than ever, hardly ever needing my reliever. I cant work out if this is due to getting over the hidious chest infection or the new treatment. Has anyone any experience of this?

I would love to come off any sort of preventer again but am not sure that I have to confidence to in case it all kicks off again. I think I am on the middle dose of seretide (purple) - how lazy am I but it is upstairs and I am downstairs and cant be bothered to go and look at the actual dose!!!

I was diagnosed at 10 and this is the first time I have ever felt apprehensive about not taking stuff - I was the classic sportsmad kid who hid inhalers at school so nobody knew (lol - I am not much better now as a PE teacher although kids I teach with asthma like to hear that I have it to and think that it is kind of cool that I have an inhaler in my pocket too!)

I just dont want to be back going through ventalins at a rate of knots againor not able to breathe like I felt in November as it was really scary but dont want to be taking stuff unnecessarily

Kat x

Any advice?

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hi kat123 i,m new on here i,m also on seretide and have been since july 2006 when i was having my my youngist son i was having a lot attacks and my gp put me on it i,m on seretide250 and don,t have as many attacks (only the odd one when i,m ill) so yes it is your new treatment

hope this is helpful



Hey Kat,

It sounds like it is the change of meds that has done the trick. Seretide is a combination inhaler which contains a steroid component (Flixotide) and a long acting broncodilator (Serevent) so it could be the addition of the long acting component that has made the difference. I take both flixotide and serevent as separate inhalers and they have really helped with my asthma control in the last 18 months. However it is important that to keep symptoms undercontrol you take it regularly even when you feel well. Maybe talk to your GP about it and see if you could step down your dose?

Hope you continue to feel well.

Sparkly Fairy


re seretide

hi kat,

im on seratide 500 one puff am and pm on it for eight years, my resp cons was going to try and step me down a dose but it didnt happen. Proper inhaler technique is important, developed oral thrush one of the side effects, but apart from that tolerate it well. as regards oral thrush i rinse my mouth out with cold water after each puff, which helps keep it at bay.

discuss with your gp or asthma nurse re preventer/reliever inhalers. Its far better to have your asthma controlled with proper treatment..

hope this helps



My daughter now 7 has had seretide for 4 months now - its has really helped - she now only suffers from exercise induced asthma problems. Before everthing set her off on a daily basis - colds, smoke, car fumes, strong perfume, exercise etc, etc. She takes it am and pm just before cleaning her teeth so she is automatically rinsing it out of her mouth. Id rather she took it than was reliant on salbutamol everyday. Especially since as a child you are quite reliant on the adult present (teacher, playtime supervisor, friends parents etc) to supervise and help you. There were too many times they didn't quite know how much to give and how often, and when to call me etc. As an adult obviously it is different (and long term it would be nice to be off preventers). It sounds like you are benefitting from Seretide the same way as my daughter. Im very impressed with it.


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