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i have had another hospital stay and again been spoken to about the need to rest my lungs however the thought of being ventilated scares me so much and i dont know if i can verbally agree to it even when i know im exhausted. its obvious no one would want to be knocked out like this but am i worrying over something that will help or is it normal to feel like this upset about it when ive been told it will definately help me? my asthma is so unstable at the minute that i feel like i cant even step outside of my front door and even climbing up the stairs is cause for me to have to use an inhaler halfway when im like this, so should i just give up and accept i may need this medical procedure in the future or will the doctors just do it if i dont agree (or im too scared or unable to agree)? its made me very nervous as if the doctors cant operate on my knee because its not safe under a general, how can they say that being ventilated is safe? im actually very worried about this incase it does need to happen.

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Hi Jay

I have been ventilated a couple of times, the first time I dont remember anything but the other 2 I do, I do remember like you being terrified and just thr thought of it was scarey in the sense that any procedure like this is risky but I have to say that I felt a lot better when I came off it, and still here to tell the tale.

I dont think that anything anyone can say will stop you being nervous as if I was faced with it again I would be, but I now have faith and confidence that it does help.

Hope you will be ok

Snowy x


I can understand why you are concerned and worried about this procedure... If your doctors are recommending you should be ventillated surely it is better to have it done in a controlled manner than done as an emergency situation where you have no choice. It might be worth talking to your medical team when you are out of hospital to explain your concerns as they may be able to alleviate some of your worries.


I can completely understand why you're worried about this.I've been ventilated twice, both times it was an emergency situation, I didn't have any choice. I don't remember either time but I do remember how bad those attacks were, I genuinely thought I might die.

Both times I felt much better when I came off the ventilator so it most definitely helped, I'd go as far as to say it saved my life!

I've had times where ventilation has been discussed but thankfully I've started to improve so it hasn't been neccessary. I was terrified. It's probably a strange thing to say, but I'd much rather be at the point where I need it so the doctors get on and do it, rather than the horrible inbetween stage where they're just watching and waiting and talking about ventilation. (Obviously, I'd much rather not be in the situation of needing to be ventilated at all!!)

I think it's perfectly natural to be so concerned about it, it might be a good idea to discuss it with your consultant whilst you're 'well' and not in that situation.

Take care, Dawn xx


Jay i have had also been vented many times and too be quite honest they really wont do it unless u are so tired u are at risk of going into respiratory arrest.

Although it isnt a nice procedure i do find the relief when i wake up most welcome after the previous struggle .

I think its best to agree rather than it happen in an emergency situation when they have no choice as waking after that is alot more traumatic. Please talk it thro with your con explain your concerns and fears and im sure they will be able to reassure you.

the first time i was tubed i had gone into arrest so had no warning and i found it reaslly hard to deal with in the following weeks but ones where i had consented were alot easier to come to terms with and i also think alot safer.

Take care and hope none of this has to happen xx


sounds like your having a terrible time of it, hope things get better soon.

I have never needed to be tubed, but I have worked in ITU. It is a scary place to be, but they have the best nurses and doctors there and after being in there working if myself or my family ever landed up in ITU i would feel alot easier now.

Can you ask if you can go and see the department and meet some of the nurses and doctors? I know that helped a lot of the patients I helped.



Like lindsaymloo, I have never been ventilated or even been an inpatient (touch wood). But I have seen others (close relation and friend) in ITU, both planned and emergency for several reasons. I do think now it is the best place to be esp. in some hospitals. There tends to be often one to one care. Staff although busy seem to have all the time you need to go through things, even with a questioning medical-ish family.

Are they talking about full intubation ventilation or non-invasive with a mask? I don't know when one would be used over the other? All the equipment and the whole idea of the place does seem awful at first but planned gives you more time to get to the idea and can be better than the shock of an emergency situation. I have seen people do diaries or keep newspapers so they know what's gone on in the world while knocked out.


thank you so much for the posts and priv messages, its definately good knowing that im not being a complete baby about it. i really hope that i dont have to be knocked out and im still scared but will definately speak to the doctors about it when i see the resp consultant soon even if its just to let them know how tense i am about it. thanks again xxx


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