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back pain

i have constant pain due to numerous health problems but my asthma is the worst i have to deaal with. before the last time i had a very bad attack i was having awful pain in my upper back and the medics werent sure if it was muscular or caused by my asthma -that was until the crackles started and i ended up quite ill. well again ive had a few weeks of constant aches and pain in my upper back when breathing out fully-not sure if i should seek advice again or if i should up my strong painkillers and just leave it to chance as im due for an operation and need to be as well as i can be...any one else get these pains?

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Yes! I was talking about this on Snowygirl's thread - my breathing problems are not as bad as yours but I still get some pains in shoulder, ribs etc, and physio I have been seeing for another problem (spine-related) said pain in upper thoracic area where I've been having it is absolutely classic result of using accessory muscles of respiration too much.

EDIT: meant to say of course be careful and get things checked out, don't take my word for it, but am sure you would anyway. Just didn't want to make it seem like I'm trying to give medical advice.

Don't want to go on about it too much, and what works for me may not for someone else, but even one session of physio working on those bits as well as the other bits which aren't breathing-related seemed to help a bit, she said she could feel them releasing a little. Some people swear by an osteopath, never seen one so can't comment. You might not have time before your operation but might be a solution later if you can, at least as an alternative to painkillers as might be more lasting? Might need a bit of work if things are all knotted up but if it is working physio will know and should keep you updated.


I suffer with a lot of pain for various reasons, pain is the body's way of telling you are injured and need to heal. Sometimes it is not possible to find what is causing the pain, and it can also take time to find the appropriate way to deal with it. Never let anyone tell you it is all your head, if it is affecting your life then it needs to be dealt with. Insist in the first instance, on investigations on what is causing your pain, and effective pain managements. Pain management isn't all about swallowing a couple of pain killers, it is also about pacing, and managing the condition. Something I am now learning on a pain management course. If I can be of any further help please pm me.


the pain i had in my lumbar back was cos of vitamin D deficiency and a blood test confirmed my levels were extremely low. neen started on emergency inj/tabs and since been okay.

pain in my upper back and chest i alwasy get with attacks and seems to be getting worse with each attack - intercostal pain, its muscular skeletal, but connected to the lumber pain i have, cos of all the effort of breathing during an attack, like what philomela says


aww thanx for replies. although i do have mild asthma attacks every day ive actually realised that when i have a worse attack the pains in my back and shoulder gets much worse-realised this when acute pain in shoulder was happening with every cough when i had another bad attack yesterday. do you think its worth looking into the pain management courses then? what goes on at them if you dont mind me asking..i just tend to take strong painkillers like sweets and try to sleep it off, doesnt often work but takes the edge off.


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