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Using my nebuliser at my desk when at work

I have been instructed by my Consultant's Registrar to do 4 hourly nebs, this was OK when I was off work sick last week, but now I'm at work I am feeling a little un-easy about having to use my nebuliser at my desk in front of colleagues this is what the doctor wants me to do.

I'm fine using my nebuliser when with family and close friends but this is not the case when at work, do you think I'm being silly about this?

Edit... I have only just realised that I have put this post in Medical Forum when it should have gone into General Forum sorry

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Hi asthmagirl!

That would be awkward, I can totally see where you are coming from feeling uncomfortable with that.

My work offered me the use of the 1st aid room for this. Is this something you can ask about at your work?



No you are not being silly. i felt the same at first, other people around me know i am asthmatic and i usually sneak off into another rest room where you are not on your own but people milling around or i have it at my desk. i know it is hard but just go with it.

hope this helps


hi honey - yes i can quite undrstand how this would make you feel self conscious and no you are not silly to think that way - its natural when we are doing something that isnt the ""norm"" for others. in my opinion it would be best that you do have someone around as you might run into troulbe with your meds or the machine and at least you could have help if you needed it.

stick with it please, we dont want you any sicker, you poor thing. you can do this, the more you raise awareness with your colleagues maybe the easier it will get. good luck and i'm glad you feel well enough to be at work. please please dont over do it and take care ><> x


Hi asthma girl,

I had to use a nebuliser at work when my asthma first turned nasty. Luckily I had my own office and would just shut the door but had trouble typing with the shakes. Six months ad a few admissions and lots of flare ups later, hospital Dr said I was no longer able to work and wasn't happy with having to neb at work, which was in a GP surgery, lol. I wasn't embarrassed and still not tvusing neb in public, maybe because I worked in the medical profession for years. If there is a room you could use this might suit you, ask your manager if they can accommodate you. Good luck with returning to work.


I had the opposite problem I use my neb any where and infront of any one . But i was told I wasn't allowed to use my Neb at work .... When I informed my managers boss,I was granted ""protected time"" so whenever I needed my Neb I wasn't to be disturbed and was to be given privacy to take my nebs. It as great as my friends would have an unofficial cuppa and keep me company..... As all my work mates knew about my asthma and nebs. This had benefits also as they would say to me time for a Neb if they seen me trying to delay the Neb if I was busy ....


I have a little portable Omron nebuliser which is quick and silent (added bonus of being able to hear what's going on - the ones I had as a kid were so loud!)

I've found the fact that it's tiny and silent has allowed me to neb in public virtually unnoticed on some occasions.

Downside is it's handheld so not great when v tired/v unwell


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