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Hyperventilating and Royal Brompton


Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the asthma drs at the Brompton saying their breathing probs are hyperventilation? I have met quite a few young ladies who the brompton say are hyperventilating because of the stresses and strains of being a young woman. It's hard enough to cope with being ill never mind having to contend with silly drs who don't listen to anything you say and basically tell you your breathing probs are caused by panic.

Any thoughts on this would be great!


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Sorry to hear of your problem.

There was a girl who posted on here about a week ago with the exact same problem as yourself. I think she posted it on the gneral forum so you may have to do a bit of searching.

Sorry I couldn't be more help but I'm sure there'll be someone along soon with the specifics. Good luck, I hope you get sorted.


In short no, as far as I am concerned I owe my life to the Dr's and nurses at the RBH, they are considered a world authority on Asthma. Just because their diagsosis is not what you want to hear there is no reason to come on here calling the Drs at the RBH silly.


First of all I am sorry if my comments came across as harsh, I was sitting in my bed at the RBH the crash alarms were going off and once again the wonderful staff here pulled someone back from the brink. What I do want to say is there are many people here who are awaiting an appointment or date to go into the RBH and comments like ""silly"" doctors hardly inspire confidence. Like it or not those ""silly"" Dr's are leading Dr's in their field, they head up research, they lecture and travel the world sharing their expertese. They might get it wrong from time to time, they like us are only human, there is no ""gold"" standard test for asthma, they do a tests (and they do quite a few) and look to see if within those tests there are signs of asthma or other illnesses. Many people walk through the door thinking they have asthma and walk out with a totally different diagnosis. I have seen people being told that much of their problem is due to hyperventilation, but hyperventilation is a problem and needs to be dealt with through pyshio and breathing exercises, just because your treatment is not a drug does not mean it is not a treatment or that the problem is not one that needs sorting.

Asthma drugs carry side effects do you want to be taking them when they are not indicated? There are people here who could tell you about the harm asthma drugs can do when they are not needed, and I know of at least one board user who is here today because the Dr's here discovered the problem was not actually severe asthma but a heart problem made worse by years of treatment that was not appropriate

Finally I have never heard of any Dr here say that hyperventiation is due to the stress and strains of being a young woman, I have always found the Dr's whenever discussing your illness to be receptive, gentle and ready and willing to help, even if that means offering help to deal with hyperventilation. However, they are certainly not going to start prescriping or recommending drugs that are not suitable for your condition.


ps for accuracy there have been the odd times when I have had quite robust discussions with the Dr's here, now looking back I can see they were right (although it would be nice to be right one day) , they have never held these robust discussions against me and have always been willing to listen to my point of view and sometimes we have come up with a compromise and others I have had to bow to their knowledge and trust them.


I'm sorry if I upset people with this post it was not intentional. But I do feel I should be able to express my opinions in a way I see fit. I'm glad some of you have nothing but good things to say about the Brompton-thats brilliant. I am well aware of the execellence of the Brompton as I have had dealings with them other than asthma. Perhaps if you match all the criteria and tick all the boxes for ""asthma"" you are able to progress with them. As people i'm sure the drs are lovely but sometimes I feel their attitude towards patients isnt always the best and often feel that their interests lie in research rather than on the frontline but again just my opinion.

I value any comments and again I reiterate that for those of you who think the asthma drs are great I'm really pleased for you!



To a certain extent I do know where you are coming from -after over 9 years at RBH my asthma is worse that when i was originally referred there but they have said there is nothing else than can really do for me which is very frustrating - i have been through all the oral asthma meds, cant have sub cut due to a heart problem , allergic to amino(i fit) and long term anti bs no good for various reasons i dont fit the criteria for xolair either despite severe allergies. I always felt my con there was really only interested in research and me as a case study not a patient, i am now cared for totally by my local con who for a few years was a Reg at RBH so i have full confidence in him. But i have many friends who would not be here if it wasnt for the RBH.

Also I am now under them for my heart condition and I cannot fault the care i am recieving so sometimes sadly i do believe its who you are referred to. If u need to chat more pls feel free to pm me.


Tinks, whilst I am all for freedom of speech, whenever you go to a new hospital especially one like the RBH you have to build a relationship and go in with an open mind. I have serious missgivings about more than one hospital but I certainly would not post them here the last thing I would ever want to do is cause more stress in an already stressful situation (being refered to a new hospital).



Tinks another way of looking at this whole situation is that if you are hyperbentilating then you should be happy they have discovered this and that they can begin to treat you for this condition rather than them trying to treat you for someout thing that isnt wrong.

I know when i went to my con and he started treating me for acid reflux i wondered why he wasnt doing anything about asthma, now i understand why, my reflux was making my asthma worst by casuing lots of chest infections. Now my acid reflux is under control my asthma is a lot more stable but if he hadnt have found the reflux my asthma would still be really bad.

So I think you should be thankful he has found out about you hyperventilating and now you can start working on controlling if not solving this problem.



is it possible to have hperventilation aswell as having asthma, cause my consultant reffered me to a physiotherapist, who told me i had fast breathing e.g chronic hyperventilation so gave me breathing excersises, but i have also been diagnosed with chronic asthma, after loads of tests etc but can someone actually have both?


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