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Asthma as neurogenic paroxysmal inflammatory disorder: antiepileptic drugs for asthma therapy

We performed clinical trials concerning efficacy of some antiepileptic drugs in therapy of asthma, and we established high antiasthmatic activity of some antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, phenytoin, etc). We suppose that anticonvulsants suppress neurogenic inflammation in airways. Antiinflammatory activity of these drugs is well-known in therapy of neurogenic inflammatory paroxysmal disorders migraine and trigeminal neuralgia.

We consider bronchial asthma as neurogenic inflammatory paroxysmal disorder. For additional information see our website:

We are glad to receive comments from scientists which have interest in neurogenic aspects of asthma and in exploring of new ways of asthma pharmacotherapy.

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Efficacy carbamazepine in asthma therapy: A new article

Bronchial asthma as neurogenic paroxysmal inflammatory disease: A randomized trial with carbamazepine.

You can see this article in ""Respirastory Medicine"": doi:10.1016/j.rmed.2006.02.018



An interesting finding. I have a known neuromuscular condition, which I don't believe directly affects the fact that I have asthma, but does at times affect respiratory muscular strength. As a consequence of neuropathic pain I have taken AEDs (Gabapentin) but not carbamazepine. Is there any evidence of other AEDs for neuropathic conditions, also having an effect on asthma. I'm thinking ""2 birds with one stone"" here....


Asthma and COPD

Hello, Leaf,

Many anticonvulsants are useful during neuropathic condition: carbamazepine, phenytoin, valproates, gabapentin, etc. We have clinical evidence about antiasthmatic efficacy of these drugs. Efficacy of phenytoin is about 65%, efficacy of carbamazepine or gabapentin – about 75%. But in case of concomitant COPD, efficacy of these drugs are not established. We did not conduct clinical trials in patients with asthma and concomitant COPD. Nevertheless, maybe it has a reason to try gabapentine or carbamazepine for reducing asthma symptoms, but it must be made under supervision of physician, due to possible side effects. If you or your physician will have some questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my e-mail address on my web-site


Thx, I'll mention this to my doc.


I am currently on gabapentin for neuropathic pain and have done for a fair few years now and have recently had the dose increased by a fair bit and i have found it's had no affect on my asthma at all. Maybe it's because i only have mild to moderate asthma but i have still had a bad year asthma wise.

However, if it works for some, great, but i can't say it's had any affect on me.



Unfortunately, in 20-25% of patients antiepileptic drugs are not effective for therapy of asthma. When these drugs are administered concomitantly and improve asthma symptoms, practitioners usually don’t connect this with activity of antiepileptic drugs. They suppose that improvement occurs due to routine antiasthmatic therapy or due to other factors.

I also want to say that if one antiepileptic drug is not effective, sometimes other may be effective.


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