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Sub cut

This is my first post but I've found loads of helpful stuff on here so thought I'd give it a go!!

My consultant has agreed to start sub cut & has said that he let's my gp know what to prescribe & then it's started off & supervised by the hospital. I was wondering in people's experience how this works in practice, how long it actual takes to get set up & do they all get along happily with each so to speak. I'm guessing it might be more about who's paying for it!! But forgot to ask the obvious about how long it takes to get started & set up, doh.

Any other advice, hints or tips regarding day to day with sub cut would also be most welcome a little nervous about it :-)


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sorry i cant be of any help, but just giving the thread a bump up in the hope that someone else will be able to do so soon...


I just had s/c started a couple of weeks ago. I waited 11 months to get through the system from when my consultant first spoke about it to actually getting funding and getting it set up. Set up was actually easy, a short admission to the chest ward for observation, some training on how to do things by myself and when we were all happy I came home to carry it on myself at home. The biggest problem so far was the wait between this being suggested as a treatment and it actually being done.

To be honest now it is all set up and I'm used to it I just reload my syringe driver daily and then forget about it. For a start I was very aware of the driver being there but now I have a proper bag to carry it in I do forget it's there most of the time. I just did a weekend trip to London sleeping on a bus and didn't give my s/c a second thought. There are lots of other more experienced people on the boards here so hopefully they will have something to say.


As Every where has different protocols and procedures it's hard to give time scales. I Was lucky My hospital issues and service the pump so funding wAsn't a problem. tho gp was to provide medication and supplies .... Unfortunately that fell thro. So hospital supply everything now ... I was admitted within 2 weeks of agreeing to the treatment and home within a few days, after the initial training and setting up the pump and inserting the cannula's. I've had a great result with it so wish u all the best on ur trial ...


Thanks for the replies :-)

Funding has never been raised as an issue so I guess I'm really lucky with that one, just a bit nervous about the gp & hospital being co-ordinated as in the past even the consultant letters didn't always seem to make it!

I'll keep everything crossed, he did book a normal clinic appointment for 4 weeks & said it should be up & running by then.


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