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Using Pred away from UK with no access to advice!

Hey, I'm currently backpacking. I'm five months in to an eight month trip, and before i left home i went to the docs to get some Pred 'just in case'. I had very severe asthma when i was younger, and so am familiar with using Pred following attacks, however when i was put on to Symbicort about 6 or 7 years ago, my asthma changed for the better and I haven't had any emergencies since.

I am currently in rural northern Vietnam, the closest proper city about 10/12 hours away. For a couple of days i've been using my inhaler more than usual, and then last night i found the wheeze wasn't going away with the use of the inhalers - i know these symptoms all too well following too many attacks when i was younger, and so have started the pred this morning after i woke up wheezy.

So ... i can't remember, do i continue using the Symbicort? I seem to remember back in the old days using the becotide and ventolin together every few hours throughout the day following attacks, but can't remember if this was at the same time as the Pred, or if i stopped the inhalers completely to allow the Pred to work?

Also, the packet states to take 8 tablets a day for 5 days, which will use my entire supply - do i do the whole course even if i start to feel better by tomorrow? I'm scared of using them all up now and then having a proper attack some time in the future before i get home.

Any advice appreciated ... thanks!

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Hi Melanie. You need to take full course of pred and continue taking Symbicort. I use symbicort as a reliever too. I was in Vietnam in november and actually found that it improved my asthma and have been very since til last wk. But when you get to a city town it go to chemist and you may be able to buy pred over counter. Or go to tourist info place. Or is possible to get some sent to you from home.

The advantage of symbicort is that it has steroid in it too.

Hope that helps. Enjoy the beautiful Vietnam. Take care. Catherine


hi, have u a spacer with you ? could get your gp fax a script to the chemist if they have a


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