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I was just wondering if anyone else was a bed wetter or has children that are? I don't know if there is a link with asthma but was just wondering. I have 3 children and the two with asthma were both bed wetters. My 9 year old still suffers from this. My older son stopped when he was about 8. It is troublesome but nothing compared to the asthma. I am just looking for a bit of advice. Thanks in advance.

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  • Mike, now 17 and well (kids can improve) was dry at night until he started on slo-phylliin (Aminophylline type drug) I swore blind it was the drug that caused him to beb wet and once he came off it be became dry again. So any of them take ony theophylline/aminiphyline type drugs it could be that, although link never clinically proven unlike the going hyper which we did clincally prove.


  • my 11 year old still has this problem and he is the most severe of my 3 asthmatic kids. he has special cotton undersheets from the hospital which at least prevent a reaction to the usual plastic bed covers.

  • Bex mentioned theophtlline type drugs, they are known to cause bladder instability and increase the amopunt of urine made, this could be a cause for potential bed wetting.

    george x

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