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It never rains, BUT

After a real crap 6 months, and multiple tests, I got an email from my Consultant today which doesn't make pleasant reading.

I have just dictated 2 referrals for you.

1. To the sleep clinic at The Brompton because your sleep study showed evidence of obstructive sleep apnoea. You will hear from them directly to be set up with CPAP (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure: Small machine with a mask which sits on the nose and splints your upper airway open whilst asleep-google CPAP)

2. to the cardiology team because your echo shows that your heart may not be

pumping as efficiently as it should-this may be the explanation for why you

have been more breathless recently.

If I used the language I feel like, the moderators would be 'blue penning' every other word.

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hi there, sorry to hear you are having a crappy time just now.

Was this the first your consultant had said about these things - I would be pretty upset to get an email like that with no warning!

From what I have seen, the CPAP makes a huge difference to people's lives, really helps. Also (and I'm sure the other medics around will correct me if I am wrong), sleep apnoea can cause high blood pressure leading to heart problems, so it may be that treating the first would help the second, which would be good.

Hope things go ok for you and the referrals don't take too long to come through.



No, I have a great relationship with my Consultant and he will see difficult patients immediately, if they are having problems. All I have to do is phone his Sec or email.

He told me Wed he had got the results but had not time to read them and would email me results and proposed further treatment. I spoke to him after reading the email and discussed options.

I'd rather do it this way than get a formal letter.


Just to second what Owl has said - that OSA can cause heart problems, so it may be that the two problems are linked and that CPAP will lead to some improvement in both.

Also, people are often amazed at how much better they feel, generally, once they get used to the CPAP - often you don't realise how much bad sleep is affecting your quality of life, until it is treated.

Anyway, all the best and I hope it goes well

Em H


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