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My son has brittle asthma, he's been very poorly on past hospital admissions. He's been to a 'specialist' for the past 5 years or more; I've never really been happy with the diagnosis nor treatment. For example, it took years to get allergy tests done and last year they tested him with the old (non eu) Peak Flow meter and claimed it was the 'only meter available.' So his results were 10% higher than they should have been!

Anyhow, we've changed specialist and they used a Peak Flow meter connected to a PC - first time we've seen one of these. It showed that my sons capacity was 105%, but his instantaneous breath was 72%. In 11 years of dealing with his asthma, we've never seen this device - but it was obviously old. The new guy said 'you must have been tested on this before!'

It taught me a lot - and I'm pretty good at understanding his symptoms and treatment.

Many things concern me about this;someone who doesn't know, understand or hasn't found out about asthma- how do they deal with incompetent doctors? Is our current specialist correct in his diagnosis? It seems to be better in my opinion and he seems much more aware than others - but how do I know?


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