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I am looking for some advice because I am so fed up of suffering with the side effects of inhalers.

Does anyone know if there are any such things as non-steroidal preventer inhalers?

Every time I use a steroid inhaler (preventer) for anything more than 3-5 days, I stiffen up. My whole upper body feels stiff and sore especially my shoulder blades, back and neck. I also get oral thrush even when using a spacer device.

The pain is really getting me down and affecting my life. I have tried various inhalers and the doctors I see just don't seem to accept that steroids don't agree with me. I have been to the hospital in the past fortnight and had hoped for some help there but I feel I am back to square one.

Any suggestions? I am really feeling depressed because of these muscle aches.

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Hi, sorry to hear you're still having issues with the steroids! I guess your issue is not that they don't work but that they seem to have other effects which is tricky. ?

There are non-steroid ones; I was on Intal before though I'm not sure how well it worked. I do know it's worked for other members though. Best thing would obviously be to discuss this with GP, but tricky if they're not listening. Have you tried seeing the asthma nurse?

I may have suggested this before but I would give the advice line nurses on here a call if you haven't already. I've always found them very good at listening and they may be able to suggest alternatives and advise how to discuss with your GP.


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