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Update on Visit to specialist

Well went to see the specialist yesterday longest appointment ever i think. Had and ECG then blew into a spirometor [i think thats what she called it]. The Doctor then said that i did not have ""bird fanciers lung"" but although i stopped smoking 18 years ago it looks like i may have already done the damage. So i asked ""what is wrong ""[thinking i dont want to hear any of this]. ""I want to do some test first but it looks like emphysema and mild Bronchiectasis"" he said opps i thought.

So here we go as i have already had CT Scan he does not want to subject me to another dose of radiation so wants to do a Broncoscopy, treadmill test for the heart [to rule that out] blood tests. Lung function test. When i asked if this would leave me maybe with Asthma it seems it might.

Explained the Bronco well, allready done treadmill 2 years ago. I am now on Seratide 125 2 puffs 2x day with spacer. When show how to use it i did not realise that i dont always empty my lungs before inhaling. He said that after 2 weeks i should be able to come off the 6 steroid tables that i am now on.

Are there others on here that suffer with emphysema?

Post note: as for the African Grey i have left at home he is getting used to seeing a mask spends alot of time in the conservatory has a bath everyday [to his disgust] and has the cleanest cage in the bird world. But if it comes to it and he has to go then this i will do, it will be like losing a child but i will have no option.

But on the brighter side i feel alot better than i did last week.

Any help with what the lung function tests are like would be appreciated. Anyone that reads this thank you for doing so just knowing others are there helps.

take care all



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