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aminophylline standard dose?

Hi i need your help! my gp has recently started me on aminophylline i went into to visit a different gp today to request a referal she instead said the standard dose for aminophylline is one tablet twice a day, i was previously on one tablet at night. what is the standard dose?

i wish they could all sing from the same hymn book so to speak! I saw a different gp as i wanted a second opinion i got that but i didn't get that referral!

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Hi, both of the doctors you have seen were correct, the normal starting dose is one tablet at night, they start you on this dose to check you will not have significant side effects, it is then standard practice to increase this to two tablets a day, when you know that your body can cope with this amount.

You need to insure you get your levels checked by a blood test in about two weeks to make sure your levels are theraputic, which is why different people are on different doses as some people need more of the drug to hit the right levels where as some people don't need as much to be theraputic.

However I am concerned that your GP is giving you theophyllin and not a referal, normally it would be a consultant who intitated the prescribing of theophyllin. Did the GP give you a reason for not refering you?

I hope this helps



Your absolutely right - once you reach the stages of being put on Aminophylline you really should be under the care of a consultant.

Be assertive and ask for a referral to the nearest specialist team.


Hi ally, the reason for there not being a referral is because the course of aminophylline is working i'm due to go back in for a blood test in two weeks and i might still request a referal as i really want a allergy test done.

i think my gp practice needs to draw a line where they just refer me to a specialist. thanks for the reply i was just really puzzled!


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