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Hi everyone

When I was in hospital about 6 weeks ago with my asthma they said I would have to be seen in 4 weeks time by a respiratory consultant and they would not let me leave until I agreed to this. I even saw a resp doc who came to see me on teh ward write a letter to them. But I have not had an appointment through yet, and as I have several more asthma attacks since I was out of hospital my GP got a tad concerned that I still had not received an appointment so she rung them 2 weeks ago and the hospital said that there was nothing on the system to say that I had been referred and that they were going sort it out, so my mum rang them today and they have said again there is no record or referal letter about me and there is also no record of my GP getting in touch either...Does anyone know what I can do because like I said my GP and also both my asthma nurses are concerned about my asthma, because I am on quite a bit of medication including steroids which I have been on since May...

This is not the first time this has happened, when I was admitted in November last year I was told I would be seeing a resp cons but only got to see a resp nurse twice.

When I eventually do get to see a resp cons for a very first appt, what will I expect from them, what sort of things will they do etc...

Thanx for your help

Take care


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