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Iron/Haemoglobin and Singulair/Montekulast

Hi there,

I'm going to see my GP tomorrow about this particular problem, so I'm not requesting medical advice as such, but thought I'd post on here anyway to see if anyone else has had any similar experience. I've been taking Montekulast for about three weeks now, and it has helped my chest and helped to keep my symptoms at bay. However, I went to give blood today and was told it's ok to give blood on this medication and I've donated before without any complications. This time my Heamoglobin level was low, and it was quite a lot lower than it should be. It was 97 g/litre and it should be at least 120 g/litre (according to the info the nurse gave me, which i assumed is correct). This isn't listed as a side effect of the drug, I've never had low Iron/Hb count before and I eat plenty of food containing Iron such as chicken, brown rice, wholemeal bread, fish, eggs and my diet/lifestyle hasn't changed since my Asthma got worse or since I was put on Montekulast, apart from I've been less active, but I don't think this would make my iron levels drop. I've also felt really well the last few weeks compared to before I took them so I'm suprised my Iron is lower than usual as I would expect to feel tired and weak etc.

Anyway, just wonderng if this has happened to anyone, or if anyone has any inisght as to why it would happen?


Claire x

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I have no answers as to why, but just to clear up - Iron levels aren't the same as Haemoglobin levels, although the two can be linked.

What you have measured at Blood Donor sessions is an estimate (and I do stress *estimate*) of your Haemoglobin level. Haemoglobin is the molecule in your red blood cells which carries oxygen around your body (so it's quite important!). A small part of haemoglobin contains iron, which is needed for the body to manufacture haemoglobin. However, just because your Haemoglobin is low, it doesn't necessarily mean your iron levels are low...there are a multitude of reasons why this could be.

I guess the first step is to get a lab measurement of your blood count and take it from there!

Good luck.



Hi Claire - I have to reply in thread as you've opted not to receive personal messages.

Yes, you do have iron elsewhere in the body - haemoglobin is not the only iron store. So it is perfectly possible to have normal iron stores, yet be anaemic.



Hi Cathbear,

I didn't realise I have opted not to receive personal messages, but thanks for your reply. I'm feeling a bit better now I was quite shocked and stressed about it before, but at least I know and can get to the bottom of it I suppose.

Take Care

Claire x


Hiya there

Just a quick update, the cause of the low Haemoglobin levels was lack of Iron and I've been prescribed iron tablets and have made appointments to have further tests to try and find the cause, the Dr's (and myself) don't think it's my diet as I eat a good diet in terms of Iron and my vitamin levels are ok.

They do need to find the cause, but least they are treating it with something and I'm not so pale as I was!!

Thanks for your help Cathbear

Claire xx


Hi Claire,

Glad you are receiving treatment and starting to feel better! Most commonly the cause of iron-deficiency anaemia in ladies is the usual suspect, i.e. periods - however, I am of course saying this without knowing you or your circumstances or exactly how anaemic you are. Hopefully the investigations your GP organises will reveal some answers and help fix the cause. Good luck!



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