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Fostair and spacers

Hi again, I have just had my meds changed from Symbicort (eating more of it than breathing it in) to Fostair. I asked for something that could be used with a spacer and now find that it clearly states on the side of the box not to use Fostair with a spacer. Has this been updated or do I not use with a spacer? Confused by this totally, any suggestions anyone?

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I'm not sure, I would ask your Pharmacist or go back to your GP/asthma nurse with the inhaler to check with them.

Good luck!



I asked my GP and he seemed confused but said if it says no in the paperwork then don't use it through a spacer?

How do you get on with Fostair?

Since I have been on it, I have been worse than ever, I was previously on Qvar and Serevent.

I am the highest does of Fostair now, 2 puffs twice daily, which means when I start to feel I am going downhill I have no way of upping the dose and my only option is prednisolone!


fostair & spacers

it will be fine to use the fostair via any of the spacer devices - I spoke with manufacturers/license holders today & the reason it HAS to state for the fostair NOT to be used with a spacer device is to do with product license - because as part of obtaining the product license for fostair they did NOT do any trials/studies using it with spacer devices they can't recommend it to be used like this...and (according to the nice lady at medical information at Chiesi Pharmaceuticals) the MHRA INSISTED that ""Fostair must NOT be used with any spacer device"" appear on the box & in the patient information leaflet!!!






Thanks Gary for the comprehensive reply. You have put my mind at rest as I do find it easier to use a spacer to take my meds. Four puffs morning and evening is a lot to take and the spacer makes it easier with tidal breathing technique I have been shown.


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