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New to Asthma and worried

I think I need a bit of reassurance. Having been diagnosed with asthma after getting a chest infection I am really worried. I have been very breathless until being put on oral steroids but tonight having broken into a fast walk as | was late getting my son from football, my chest tightned, started coughing and I thought - God it was only a quick walk not a marathon. Can anyone who has more experience with this give me some advice. I am supposed to be off work next week as well but guilt is forcing me to try to say I will go back in. This is after being off for the last 3-4 weeks!

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It will get better its just a case of building up again and getting the right medication. Am in process of building up again myself at mo as this time last year I cud do aerobnic style classes now I have no chance. If you feel rough stay off work I'm the worst for being in work when should be off and the chances are you will get better far quicker if you stay off for a bit.


like katharine says,it does get better and you learn to cope better and once you have the right medication you should find things alot better,

just take your time and get to know your limits,

take care


mel xxxx



If you are getting symptoms at this sort of level of exercise it sounds like your asthma may not be adequately controlled on your current medication. I'd suggest going back to your GP for a review.

Take care,

Em H


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