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I'm being started on Omalizumab/Xoliar this week. I've found lots of useful info/experience searching the previous threads about this, but I have just one question.

How much does it actually hurt? Can you compare it to something so I know what to expect? Is it like a blood test? Like an ABG? It would really help me to be prepared if I know what to expect - I find I can deal with pain much better if I have a good understanding of what it will feel like and how long it will last. I guess I'm just a bit concerned because my consultant's said it's going to sting, and doctors normally don't say that or say you won't feel much. If the doctor's saying it's going to hurt...

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It's slightly stingy, but I found wriggling my toes and gritting my teeth worked. I had 8 jabs in total, and it didn't bruise once, and I didn't have an achey arm the next day either.

Hope that helps.

Em x


I have been on Xolair for about 18 months. The injection is given in the upper arm. The injection takes a while as it is quite thick. It has never hurt. Good luck.



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