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May have asthma and scared

Since the 2nd week of September I have had a cold.My colds do usually last quite along time but now after 6 weeks I am tired and fed up.

A couple of weeks ago I saw my gp as I felt dreadful. I had difficulty in catching my full breath which was uncomfortable and also a wheeze.I was given a salbutamol inhaler and amoxycillin.

I returned to the gp last week as I still had the wheeze predominantly on breathing out.

I was given a 5 day course of steroids and 500mg clarythromycin.

I have now finished the steroids and almost the antibiotics.The really noisy wheeze has subsided but I can still feel it when I breathe.

Today I went for a bike ride and forgot my inhaler and I really struggled and felt more breathless than I had before and since then I keep yawning as it seems the only way to get my full breath but even that doesn't always work.

I have to make an appointment for spirometry when this clears up, but if I'm honest I feel no better and am actually scared why.I don't know if it is likely to be asthma or maybe just a cold or maybe something more sinister.

I will make another appointment tomorrow with my gp but I was wondering what I am likely to expect.

Thank you

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Hi tilly,

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Similar symptoms led to my spirometry test and. yes, apparently I have asthma and need preventer every day plus Ventolin when necessary.

Older daughter (32) had all the same symptoms too, but spirometry test showed she does not have asthma. Just needs few puffs of Ventolin if a really bad cold knocks her sideways.

Keep us posted on your result,

GM xx


hope you get sorted out,try not to worry and keep us posted.love Glynis xxxxxxxxxx



While you're waiting for your GP appointment, it might be a good idea to contact the Asthma UK adviceline - details here: asthma.org.uk/how_we_help/a... -

""...Call the Asthma UK Adviceline on 0800 121 62 44, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Calls are free from a BT landline. Charges may vary from other landline providers and mobile phones.""

you can also email.

They are very experienced nurses with a lot of knowledge and I'm sure will be able to give advice and also help with what questions might be useful to ask at your GP appointment.

good luck



Thank you all who replied.

I made an appointment for spirometry and they are fitting me in tomorrow ,though I have been told today that they won't be able to do this due to my recent steroids and antibiotics.

I haven't been able to get to the gp today as I work but I will ring in the morning to hopefully get an appointment tomorrow.

I have really quite struggled at times today,rushing around the house trying to get the children off to school before work left me unable to get my full breath again.

The more I think about it, I realsie that over the years I have had short episodes of not getting my full breath(I dismissed at the time and put it down to being a smoker,but have now been a non smoker for 2 years)

My Dad had quite bad asthma so I guess that makes it more likely for me.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow.

Thank you

Kate x


Hi Tillymint,

Sorry to hear that you might have asthma, it's a horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Hopefully you will be lucky and be able to keep it under control with the right medication. Good luck with the spirometry test.

Keep well

Helen xxx


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