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snowy update from Team Nag ;) 9/8/11

hey guys,

while alex is away myself and feejay are keeping an eye on my precious snowy.

so, snowy is still breathing on her own and texting :) lol

wot can i say, she is doing amazingly well and we are soooo proud of her :)

she had a fairly settled nite on sun nite and docs moved her to HDU yest afternoon, though she had a little blip where she dropped sats :S and needed high flow oxygen, iv mag and 8 nebs and a lot of reassurance and calming texts from myself to control things and bring sats from 68-83% yest evening.

in her words ''felt like i had fleet load of trucks! but bit better now :) ''

because of such she is now back in ITU but doing okay - in her words ''didnt ave time check out duty free or adjust to local time lol''

overnight still requiring lots of nebs, and another iv mag earlier this morning but fairly settled. this morning back texting again! her sats up to 89% but docs wont consider moving her till 92% or above and needing less nebs, which she not exactly happy bout as missed duty free again ;) lol

but less trucks in chest which is a good thing isnt it, so all good :)

just need to kick some more asthma butt and get those lungs working!!

docs expect her to be out by 25th in time for their family hols. she still finding it hard to cmprehend she been vented for 5 weeks as u can imagine and doesnt know all that much as yet - all in good time.

alex on the other hand is busy working - intensive training till 9pm, but still managin to get time to ring docs for update as well as messages from Team nag on how his girl is doing :)

i have said even though we not phys with him, cant get rid of us that easy - REST!!!


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So pleased to hear such positive news. Thanks for updating us, Snowygirl. Fingers crossed Snowy can make it out in time for her holiday. xx


Thanks for update. Fingers crossed for the holiday. xox


Thanks for the update Snowygirl. It's great to hear that Snowy is still progressing, even if it isn't all plain sailing - we couldn't really expect her to jump up from her bed to go dancing straight away :).

Lots of love and hugs to Snowy, Alex and Lewis, and take a few for yourself as well, you deserve it. Keep well everyone.



thanks guys, will pass on ur kind messages,

thanks annista too, well needed. trying best keep outta costa :S managin okay wivout taking risks dun worry ;) more concerned bout rioting!!

anyways, update you all wen needed :)

p.s. wud be great if she could leap outta bed now after wot been thru wudn it ;)



Thanks for update Snowygirl - glad you're keeping out too.

Glad to hear Snowy is settled and more or less stable - and texting, few weeks ago hard to imagine being at this stage even if she is still in ITU! Hope she keeps improving and can move soon. xxx


Thanks for the updates Snowygirl and Feejay. Praying that Snowy rests so she makes her vacation. Glad Alex is ok at work, hope he is eating and resting too. You all take good care.



so pleased for you snowy keep up the good work and escape quick. she is doing well though int she hope andrea gets out soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you team nag, keep up the good work, and send my good wishes to Snowy and sincerely hoping that the 25th will see Snowy holidaying! :)


Thank you for the updates ,give Andrea our love and hols to look forward to

love glynis xxx


Just returned from hold to read this and alex's posts what fantastic news

Wishing you a safe a stable recovery snowy ! An inspiration to so many x


team nag mich (aka snowygirl) captured also ....

however, never fear, team nag will reunite tomorrow ;) i hope!!!

snowy and myself are still texting, supporting each other and keeping each other occupied till madam fell asleep!! sally shakes and elephant keeping me awake, gonna try shut eye now, and update u on snowy ASAP :)

x x x


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