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First Time

For the first time, I had a panicky moment where two puffs of Ventolin didn't help.

Properly diagnosed this year as to having asthma, the brown preventer inhaler has done such a good job. that mostly I've been forgetting the hard times both before and shortly after, the meds sorted out.

The other night, came in from the shops and unpacked all the stuff. Then set to clearing out the cat litter trays - there's three trays and they all needed a complete litter change. So it was heave out the barrel we keep the new litter in and humph it along to the various trays. This done, I took the binbag with all the old litter out to the bin.

Coming back to the kitchen, I washed my hands and noticed the salt indicator on the dishwasher was flashing ie needs new salt. Bent down, lifted out the bottom tray which of course was already filled with pots and dishes LOL. Added salt to the bit at the bottom of the washer. Takes forever, that chore. At last finished and stood up again. Little heart pumping and slight shortage of breath.

Looked at clock - time for my preventer puff anyway. Upstairs, what to do? Umm.. Preventer because it was that time? or Ventolin for the shortage of breath?

Decided on the Ventolin on the premis that it would open a bigger space for the Preventer to 'go in'. One puff then another half a minute later of the Ventolin. Have a seat. Nope, still breathing fast. I don't have a peak flow meter or anything so I reckon if I can blow out softly to a count of fifteen - twenty, then I'm ok. Long ago, I used to be in a choir and we'd hold notes for a count of 28 - 32. Waah!

This night, I only got as far as 5. Did this mean it was a serious thing? Should I be going to A & E? Took another two puffs over next two minutes. Count of 8. Getting a wee bit easier... Last one for luck. Better-ish. Count of 14. Then I took my preventer inhaler. Felt a bit light headed for the next half hour or so. Then fine and back to my usual breathing out count.

I confess this gave me a bit of a scare at the time. I have sent off for the card that tells me and my family what to do if I get a really bad attack.

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Hey, You need to ask for a peak flow, also expect to be out of breath after exercise and as a general rule take 2 puffs of blue inhaler(reliever) and sit down and wait for 5 minutes while taking deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth and it should help to calm it down if not take another puff of blue. if after a minute still bad another one (you can continue this for total of five minutes) if no better time to go to a and e or ring 999.

It is scary but do not be afraid to bother people, it is better to be safe than sorry.

HOpe that helps a little till your card comes.



Hi Plumie,

I wrote out a thanks then the phone rang and by the time I got back to the laptop, the service had kicked me out and my thank you had disappeared into space, never to be seen again.

So, my sincere thank you on the advice. I have communicated this to my husband to take note. Feeling fine today, I know there are going to be a few hassles though but will take my time for a change and let others do the running around. They've all been told to look out for me.

Thanks again. And thank you for the nice PM too. xx


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