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Hayfever / nasal sprays

Hi guys

Hayfevers bothering me as usual it seems to vet worse each year I have antihistamines and eye drops on a prescription up gave last year but I am suffering this year with the feeling of being bunged up :( just wondering if any of you can recommend and good nasal sprays preferably over the cOunter for time being as gp waitin list is long !!!!

Thanks x

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i was recommended beconase over the counter, but dont think its that good, best one is flixonase nasal spray which you can get both over the counter and on script. take two sprays each nostril every morning

good luck



Thanks for advice I've since had a brainwave clearly lack of sleep lol I work in a superstore witha large pharmacy perhaps just talk to the pharmacist and explain whilst mentioning the one you've recommended that will do the trick till next gp appointment will be cheaper on script in longrun as I have a ppc so good to no I cAn get it both wAys

Thanks for great advice sometimes I fail to think hehe !!


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