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UK equivalent to Aarane?

Hello there,

I moved to the UK from Germany and back in Germany I used Aarane for Asthma treatment. However, the GP here prescribed me the usual blue inhaler which doesn't work at all.

I googled and apparently the only equivalent to Aarane is Intal, which is discontinued now? I was wondering where would I get an inhaler now that works with me? It's useless to have the standard blue one with me cos it doesn't do the trick. I'm running out of Aarane and not sure what to do...

Here's a link to a page describing Aarane (if that helps...) flexyx.com/A/Aarane.html

Maybe anyone can give me advice what to do?


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Hi dayplayer and welcome to the forum!

Intal is definitely still available here - I've been prescribed it! It's slightly hard to get hold of - the pharmacy has to order it in, as since inhaled steroids came in most people don't take it, but I am slightly odd and the steroids don't seem to work for me, so it's Intal (and montelukast). Possibly you found an American site - it has been discontinue there but is still available here.

I also find the blue inhaler doesn't work that well. However, I'm a bit confused by your post as Intal is generally considered a preventer medication (checking the link you posted confirms this for Aarane - well it's the same thing) and the blue inhaler (Ventolin/salbutamol) is a reliever. Were you taking Aarane as a reliever in Germany?! Or what did you use as a reliever if not?

I would go back to your GP asap and explain that the blue doesn't work and you were taking the equivalent of Intal. There are other relievers available - I used to be on Bricanyl and now take Atrovent alongside the blue inhaler (seems to work best for me taking both but everyone is different). You'll obviously have to discuss all this with the dr but just wanted to let you know there are other options if you really find the blue doesn't work. I've also been told by an asthma nurse that the reliever may not be effective if you're not on any preventer and you need it - it just has too much work to do, basically! I certainly found it worked a bit better when I was put on some effective preventers.

It might actually be worth giving the nurses on here a call (number top left) before you go back to your GP - they should be able to help you out and perhaps give you some advice about what to ask the GP. I've always found them very helpful.


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