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My consultant has put me on Terbutaline tablets .'I have been taking them for over a month now but the don't seem to be doing much for me The consultant has said the next step will be Terbutaline injections . The thought of injecting myself worries me . anyone using terbutaline got any advice ? I see my con every 2-3 month my next appointement is at the end of feb .

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Hi I have just been put on a bricanyl infusion which is a small needle in my stomach and an iv so the bricanyl is infused constantly. I was horrified at the thought of injecting myself, so much to the point that i refused the treatment a few years back. I finally decided what the hell lets give it ago and its the best thing i have done regarding my treatment. Hopefully i wont have to use my nebuliser as often and finally my asthma and allergies seem to be under control. My advice is to try it when its offered and see how you go as you can always try something else if it doesnt agree with you.

Hope this helps Ange


Most hospitals have u admitted for a tria of the infusion. They teach you every you need to know about the pump and are very supportive . Plus they want to make sure that the bricanyl infusion helps before you go home .

The cannula can stay in for 24 -72 hours and isn't that bad going in .... After its in it's usually just a plastic straw that's left till u take it out ... Discuss this concern wie ur respiratory nurse. She should be able go discus thus further with you . Ive been on it for almost a year now the process takes about 10-15 minutes to do .... Same time as a Neb and then the rest of the day is mine . The bricanyl has helped my asthma. i now able to get out on most days . Tho I still have flare ups and problems they aren't as bad when I wasn't on it . Plus I have better access to hospital staff and support now .. Plus for the 1st time in years we had a foreign holiday ....


Hi Onlyme,

I am supposed to be trying the sub cut pump but am having trouble getting funding for it - would be very interested in how you get on with the injections if you decide to go that way



Thank you for replying . Its not so scary after all . Thank you for explaining thing to me .

Gussypoo I am so glad its working for you : ) I am stuck at home most of the time . I live in a hilly village so getting out is difficult . The thought of a foreign holiday would be heavenly . I hope you have a wonderful time x

I will let ou all know how things go x carol


Hello !

I have been using s/c bronchodilators , initially Terbutaline then changed to Ventolin since 1994.

I put my first needle in myself, with guidance..... and don't like anyone else doing it now.

I can sort mine in 5 mins, well practiced, or 2 mins if just changing the syringe.

I currently use a Graseby syringe driver but will need to change to a McKinley or I am trying for a Crono with funding.

You can also do one off terbutaline injections , small amount in an insulin syringe regularly or as a one off bolus in an emergency (I have an emergency stash if I am not on my s/c and having a hum dinger!)

Please ask if you need more info.......



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