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inhaler isn't really working properly

i've been recently diagnosed and prescribed a 100mg sabutamatol sulphate inhaler 2 doses when needed and i've been needing to take it nearly every day and every time i've had to take more than 2 or it just gets worse and worse. I've got a follow up coming up on the 6th of january, but should i visit my doctor before than or just wait it out? Also what will happen when i go back, will i go on a different inhaler?

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Go before, it sounds asthough your inhaler is not working, see whether u can get an urgent appt with doctors or if really bad go to your local a&e don't leave this. I fell foul to this about a month ago and ended up having a really bad attack, but i am now back on track with a steroid preventer so see what they have to say


I would see your gp asap as it sounds like your asthma is not well controlled at the mo and could lead to a more serious attack than usual if left untreated. Do let us know how you get on. I hope things improve soon and i wish you all the best and a merry xmas and happy new year!



Do hope you got sorted. Please take care.



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