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How do you use your aerochamber plus?

I've just been put onto Qvar which I am using with my aerochamber plus. I've not used one for a while, and when I saw the dr, he told me to do 2 puffs into the aerochamber and then breathe in and out as normal - making sure I did the out breath through the spacer as well and not out of my nose.

This isn't how I was told to do it before, and it doesn't seem to be what the instruction leaflet says either. I know you can just breathe normally with it, but I thought you had to breathe out through your nose. In the past, I've breathed in, held my breathe and then out slowing through my nose. How do you do it?

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i think that is called tidal breathing but it is normally used in small children ( correct me if im wrong)

im confused as you were told to use 2 puffs then breathe in through the aerochamber wouldnt it b more effecitve if you took 1 puff at a time to get more in your lungs ?

i no this probably dosent help but im sorry




I'm confused too!! I would have thought that doing 1 puff at a time would be better, but being the dutiful patient that I am, I listened to the doc.....but now am going to ignore him and do 2 together!

Thanks to Bowmei on my other post about severent, I didn't know that there was a video type guide to using your inhaler on this site. Having looked at that, that says to do one dose, breathe in and hold your breathe, then do another dose. So will do that!

Thanks all.


If you put areochamber into search at top of site they give you a video demo of the correct technique.


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