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Cough, cold and asthma - not sure whether I'm over-reacting

Hi. Sorry to be a pain, I'm fairly new here and going through a very uncontrolled stage of my asthma. In no way am I anywhere near as severe as many, but this is all a bit new to me and I could do with some help.

My asthma was controlled until I had my daughter last year. Since then, its been all over the place and I'm currently wrestling with different meds trying to find the right combination. At the moment, I'm on Severent and Qvar 100 - 2 puffs of each twice a day, and singular at night time.

I now have a cold, and hacking cough. I can feel a sight rattle, but not all the time. I've coughed so much my chest really hurts and I can feel that my throat is raw from coughing. Its a little productive (sorry TMI!) but feels as if it could do with being a lot more productive. Its worse when I lie down.

The thing is, I feel like I'm always at the doctors! I was there on friday with a growth on my underarm. I don't know whether its just a cold and so I should ride it out, or whether I should go.

Does anyone have any thoughts? If my asthma was controlled, I'd say it was just a cold and leave it. But I'm just not sure. I have a history of bronchitus, but its no where near as bad as that.

Thanks all.

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do you have hayfever? the pollen counts been very high this week and that could trigger cold like asthma symptons.


depending on various things such as peak flow, how much you are using your reliever inhaler and if you are waking at nite can determine how uncontrolled your asthma is, coughing can also be a sign of worsening asthma so should never go ignored. Never feel like your a burden or making a fuss thats what doctors are there for and its better to go and get sent home than to end up with an acute attack thay could have been prevented.

It will get better for you and the longer you live with it the easier it gets to recognise the warning signs but also remember what so many of us on here say, that every asthmatic is different and individual in their own way.

Good luck and get to the docs

Andrea xxxx


Hi Dizie,

the symptoms you are describing are very similar to the type of virus that has effected a lot of people reciently, the severe cold, slightly productive cough with either yellow or white sputum, coughing lots and generally not feeling all that great.

it is probably ok to ride it out for the time being as there is nothing the gp can do for a virus, but if you start producing large amounts of green sputum, become more short of breath , have severe pains in your chest, or your blue inhaler is not lasting more than 2 hours either see gp or go to A+E.

Hopefully you will be back to normal very soon,

Love George xx


Back from the docs....

Hi all, well I've been to see my GP and he was great. My chest is clear, which is good but I have a 5 day course of pred to take and I'm to up my Qvar 100 to 4 puffs twice a day. If no improvement by friday, I'm to go back. So fingers crossed!

I'm really hoping that this gives it the kick that it needs, I'd just like everything to be back under control again, wishfull thinking perhaps......


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