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My worst nightmare

Hi All,

I've just joined Asthma UK.

I have been suffering with asthma for over two years now. It depeveloped out of nowhere on a random night. Since then I could not live a normal life as I had to use my inhaler several times a day at some point.

This year however, two months ago precisely, my local GP has prescribed me (after many other different colours and types of preventers) with Seretide 250.

Now, Is this a new type of medication that was not available before?

From the very first time I've used it I have also said goodbye to breathlessness.

I'm fine, though I wonder:

How long do I have to use this medication for to keep me away from being short of breath?

I'd appreciate any response.

Thank you.

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Hi (I think I may have sent this as a P.M message. Didn't mean to)

My son is on seritide and has been for over a year, he takes one puff morning and night and it has been a huge benefit, without this preventer he would need his ventolin a lot more!

I hope you get on well with the seritide and your asthma improves.


Welcome Johnken.Seretide is a steroid inhaler you take everyday and works by stopping inflamation and helps airways.Its a preventer. It will not help when having a attack and need your reliever then. Seretide will build up over weeks. Sorry this might be bunched up as done it on my glynis x


Hi there,

Your story sounds similar to mine. Two years ago - Asthma suddenly appearing as if from nowhere. Minor panic as googling asthma brings up scary websites. Fortunately also brings up this sensible site. Phew!

Like you, I went through various inhalers before my asthma nurse gave me seretide 250. They tend to start off with the lower stage inhalers first as would rather not prescribe a more potent inhaler/dose than actually required.

You DO have to keep taking this preventer inhaler for ever. Not as bad as it seems. There's a lot of us out there doing exactly the same and you do get used to it relatively quickly.

Do PM if you want a chat. You've taken the first step in understanding asthma by coming on here. Ask any questions you like, even if you think they might sound daft. We've all been in your shoes at one time or another. Lots of helpful shoulders to lean on here.

Best wishes

GM xx


Hi Johnkennedyjnr

welcome to the site.

I was diagnosed with asthma at 50 , which was 3 yrs ago.

I was put on Seretide 250 straight away by the drs in the hospital in australia.

I'm on it ever since and it does take time to get used to it, and for it to build up in the body.

As a new comer to the site myself I would recommend you read as many posts as you can, it does help you to get a handle on things.

Everyone on here has had experience of what you're going through, and they are so helpful.

I wish you all the vey best




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