Serevent and Oxis

Hi all

I am currently taking Oxis (formoterol) in the form of a turbohaler - however, I don't particularly like this type of inhaler and would prefer an aerosol, the obvious choice being Serevent (salmeterol). However they are different drugs, would a straight swap be possible? I am currently on 12mcg x4 daily of Oxis.

Has anyone else got any experience of this, or more pharmacological knowledge than me?!

Cheers in advance x

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  • you can get oxis in a mdi it is called atimos modulite. the dose is slightly different but it is the same thing.


  • Not sure of the exact conversion as data seems very limited but you can certainly swap it for Serevent and try that with 1 puff twice a day or as usual 2 puffs twice day. Ideally if you could then swap to seretide you'd save money and only need the one inhaler.

  • I take salmeterol its a green disk with capsules and it goes round and take each dose as the capsule pierces.had no probs with it xxx

  • I have evohaler serevent, only used 4 puffs from the new inhaler and then put on seretide. evohalers are more effective than the powder if you can use them

  • there is no difference in the effectivness of the evohaler over the accuhaler. it is personal preference and what you can work easier.

    alot of people prefer the evohaler as they can use it through the spacer but some people dont liek the spray and prefer the dry powder given in the accuhaler.


  • Olive, there is a small difference in some research studies that show the pMDI has better results than the DPI, probable theory is that you need better lung function to inhale a powder, plus if you use the pMDI with spacers you get even better results.

  • Thanks for your replies - I used to be on Seretide but I didn't find it helped much despite the top dose being given. I then moved on to symbicort and now take ciclesonide and oxis, as ciclesonide is a more effective and ""stronger"" steroid than budesonide, fluticasone etc - it's the most steroid I can have before oral pred :(

  • Hi Could you maybe leave all your other inhalers as they are and get them to swap you onto the Atimos Modulite at an equivilant dose? Hope you get it sorted soon x

  • The good thing with powder inhalers is that they have a dose counter on the side in a little window so can see what you have left /love Glynis xxx

  • Serevent evohaler has a dose counter on it too now.

    I use the aerosols for salbutamol and serevent and a dry powder for Spiriva and I infinitely prefer the aerosols myself.

    I am planning on asking for a swap in my spiriva to an aerosol.

    Best of luck


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